How Motion Picture Companies Can Benefit from GPS Fleet Tracking

22 Sep 2021

Movies are beginning to be filmed again, and Hollywood studios continue to work on post-pandemic safety agreements to get back to work. As plans begin to be made to resume filming, movie production companies need to be even more efficient in their operations in order to realize a competitive advantage.

GPS tracking is something most people don’t think of until they find themselves in a position where it could have proven helpful. In other words, kind of like insurance, most people do not consider GPS tracking until after they need it. In the film industry, though, there are many occasions, when GPS tracking is the perfect solution for so many potential problems. Consider these before you dismiss the potential benefit GPS fleet tracking has to offer your motion picture production company.

Preventing Theft

Can you imagine what would happen if someone simply took off in the Batmobile, the Bandit’s Trans Am, or the DeLorean from Back to the Future? It would have certainly caused problems on the set – not to mention a few delays in filming.

The problem with grand scale productions is that people are everywhere and it is simple for things to walk (or drive as the case may be) off the set without anyone being the wiser until well after it was long gone. Smaller things that have high value yet fit into pockets represent even bigger risks.

GPS fleet tracking and GPS asset tracking can be used to track these items so you don’t have to worry about recovering them. In fact, because GPS tracking allows for real time tracking of valuable items, it makes reporting the theft to authorities easy and helps to ensure prompt recovery of various stolen items, such as:

  • Rental Cars
  • Stunt Cars
  • Film Equipment
  • Set Equipment
  • Actors’ Trailers
  • Transportation Busses
  • Vintage Cars

Of course, preventing theft isn’t the only benefit offered by GPS fleet tracking for the motion picture industry. It is one that immediately comes to mind for most.

Send Cast and Crew to the Right Destinations

Some movies involve filming in exotic, and sometimes remote, locations. GPS personal tracking can be instrumental for ensuring that all your cast and crew members make it to the exact location and arrive on time from wherever they are leaving from. GPS tracking can also be used to help you determine ETA on members of the cast and crew who are running a little behind schedule so you can determine if other filming can commence while you wait.

Movie magic often comes at a hefty price. GPS fleet tracking can help you keep your film going when things go wrong so that budgets aren’t blown while waiting for people or equipment replacements to arrive. One final benefit to consider is that insurance companies, who insure your sets, props, and people love it when you have GPS tracking installed on some of the costlier equipment and props for your movies, cutting you a break on those expenses too.

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