GPS Tracking for Snow Plow Fleets

8 Dec 2021

Snow plowing is an essential service to any county that receives snow in the winter. Snowplowing allows everyone in the area to get on the roads safely and quickly without having to worry about being stuck on the side of the road. While snow plowing is nothing new, and many businesses and snow plow services have been established for a long time, what if there was a more efficient and safer way to run a snowplow fleet?

Below, we discuss how GPS fleet tracking can better optimize any and every snowplow fleet. Whether you choose a rear-mounted or front-mounted snowplow, have 5 snow plow trucks in your fleet, or 50, these tips should get you off to a safe and efficient start. 

Don’t Fail to Keep Track of Where You’ve Plowed

In order to be the most efficient with your snow plowing, it’s important to keep track of where your fleet has plowed and where they haven’t. This is where GPS fleet tracking comes in. GPS fleet tracking will provide you with a real-time look at where your plows are, where they’ve been, and where they still need to go. This will reduce unnecessary trips to already-plowed roads, and ensure that no roads are ever missed.

GPS fleet tracking is a high-tech method for snow removal that more and more municipalities around the country are turning to since snow plowing is a labor-intensive task, best done quickly and efficiently. What’s more, GPS fleet tracking can help with maintaining an accurate work/route log for billing purposes.

Optimizing Routes

Knowing where your fleet has plowed and knowing where they have yet to plow is an invaluable resource that you can have thanks to GPS tracking. It’s also helpful to look back and see if there are more efficient routes. By using GPS tracking for snow plowing, it can help you to identify overlapping, redundant, and missed snow removal routes. And it will allow you to see if there is a faster, more optimal route to send your drivers out on.


 Finally, even if your fleet is equipped with the best trucks and tires for driving in unfavorable conditions, snow plowing can still be dangerous. However, if you use GPS fleet tracking, you can know where all of your drivers are in the case that they get into trouble. Plus, if you’re unable to communicate with them, you will still be able to identify a problem, if they are seen stopped on the side of the road for example.

That being said, the value of GPS fleet tracking for snowplowing cannot be understated. Not only will it save time and money for your fleet, and make sure the roads are cleared more quickly for other drivers, it will provide your drivers with an additional safety net in case they encounter any problems on the road.



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