How GPS Fleet Tracking Benefits Salt Supply Companies

31 Jan 2018

Salt supply companies play critical roles in keeping city streets, neighborhood roads, homes, and businesses free of ice during the worst of winter weather. Of course, you do more than that. You ensure that water is softened, animals are fed, and food tastes wonderful in homes and restaurants across the country.

You play important roles in the lives of Americans every day. What you may not know, though, is that GPS fleet tracking can help your salt supply company accomplish more while spending less. These are just a few ways your salt supply business can benefit by using GPS fleet tracking.

Create Routes that Maximize Deliveries

The best way to improve your bottom line is to make more deliveries in less time. This helps to reduce your labor costs and saves your company big. More importantly, it means you may be able to operate with fewer vehicles on the road which can reduce your fuel and maintenance costs while leaving you plenty of room to add new customers your roster.

Automate Maintenance Scheduling

Maintenance is important for all trucks. There is no doubt about that. Salt trucks, though, may require a little more careful monitoring to ensure escaping salt isn’t doing undue damage to your vehicles. GPS fleet tracking systems can automate the scheduling of maintenance. It may not seem like that big of a deal at first glance, but this ensures that vehicles are getting proper maintenance and it takes that responsibility off someone else’s plate within your organization freeing up their time for more productive pursuits.

Prioritizing Routes During Critical Shortages

There have been winters in the past when the salt supply simply didn’t meet the demand of excessive winter weather. While these times are rare, they are also times when important decisions must be made about how to prioritize delivery of salt. GPS fleet tracking can do that for you – ensuring that critical routes and thoroughfares get the precious salt deliveries.

Reduce Insurance Rates

Through wind, sleet, and driving snow; salt deliveries must be made. Insurance companies understand this and are happy to charge accordingly. However, if you have GPS fleet tracking, they are also willing to extend substantial discounts to your fleet – up to 15 percent. They also understand that GPS tracking impacts how your drivers behave behind the wheel, increase the odds of recovering stolen vehicles, and provide accurate records of the event to provide as evidence if lawsuits arise as a result of an accident.

Your salt supply company has a lot to think about at all times of the year. GPS fleet tracking can help take some of those things off your plate, so you can focus on building bigger profits in every season.

Do you own or manage a salt supply fleet? If so, give us a call here at LiveViewGPS at 1-888-544-0494 to learn more about how GPS fleet tracking can improve your bottom line.

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