GPS Tracking for Termite Control Companies

4 May 2022

Termite control companies, like most pest control companies, spend a significant portion of the day on the road. Driving from the company’s headquarters to individual clients’ homes and businesses is a big part of the job, and results in expenses towards gas and driving maintenance.

Therefore, it is important to consider any way to minimize expenses and make sure your drivers make it to clients as quickly, safely, and budget-friendly as possible. An easy and effective way to accomplish this is by incorporating GPS tracking for your termite control vehicles.

 Advantages to Using GPS Fleet Tracking for Termite Control Companies

 For any and every business that requires drivers on the road, there are a host of benefits to using GPS tracking. We’ve broken down a few of these advantages below for termite control companies.

Verify Services

Using GPS tracking allows you to verify where your drivers are at any time of the day, keep a record of it, and track how long they were at each site. This will help you when billing clients so you know exactly how long employees were at each treatment site. Plus, in the case that a client disputes a charge, you can verify and provide evidence to show them exactly how long they were at their site, and on which days. This will prove particularly valuable if the case ever goes to court.

Monitor Maintenance

Keeping your vehicles properly maintained is necessary to prevent future expenses and keep your drivers safe and on time. Unmaintained vehicles can cost your business by creating untimely breakdowns, higher fuel costs, and a shorter life for your vehicles. Therefore, making sure your vehicles are always properly maintained will always save your money in the long run.

GPS tracking is equipped with monitoring tools that can track vehicle maintenance and alert you when it is time to take specific vehicles in for maintenance. This helps to ensure vehicle maintenance and take the burden off the manager to track when vehicles need regular maintenance, oil changes, tire rotation, etc.

Optimize Driver Routes

Besides maintenance, another way to lower fuel costs while minimizing time on the road is by optimizing driver routes. GPS fleet tracking monitors driving routes and can suggest quicker, more efficient routes for your drivers. It can also help drivers to avoid traffic jams and closed roads. This will drive fuel costs down while making sure your drivers reach your clients on time without getting stuck in traffic or severe weather on the road.

Improve Driver Behavior

GPS tracking can also help you to monitor and improve driver behavior. GPS tracking can pick up on hard braking, acceleration, sharp turns, and stops that are not work-related. Identifying and addressing these problems with your employees will ensure that all drivers are driving safely, fuel-efficiently, and never running any personal errands while on the job.

These are just some of the benefits you can realize by implementing GPS tracking for termite control companies.

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