GPS Tracking for Transport Companies

7 Dec 2022

Transport businesses are the backbone of the supply chain. We rely on transport companies to get goods and passengers from one location to another.

Also, during the pandemic, we saw an increase in demand for the transportation industry as more people started to opt for delivery services that require transportation. This resulted in a number of problems in the global supply chain, and one issue facing many transport companies is the driver shortage.

In a world that is increasing its demand for transportation services, how do companies make their businesses more efficient to bridge the gap between their business output and high demand? One solution is GPS tracking for transport companies.

How do GPS Trackers Work for Transport Companies?

 GPS trackers allow transport companies to outfit every vehicle in their fleet with a GPS tracker. Active GPS trackers can monitor real-time location and allow dispatchers and managers to view the location of their drivers on the road. Also, GPS trackers come with additional features like the ability to monitor driving behavior.

Benefits of GPS Trackers for Transport Companies

 Increase accountability:

Accountability is paramount for transportation companies. Unlike job sites or offices where supervisors and managers can check in on their employees, transportation companies traditionally have to have faith or radio their drivers to check-in.

However, GPS trackers allow transportation company managers to actively view their drivers’ location to ensure that they are making the necessary stops and not taking advantage of their time on the road.

 Monitor driver behavior:

Similarly, driver behavior is another problem for transportation companies. It’s difficult to know how your drivers are behaving on the road. But with GPS tracking, you can monitor driver behavior. It will record vehicle speed, fast accelerations, hard braking, and taking sharp turns. With this information, you can correct any poor driving behavior and reward drivers for good behavior on the road.

 Makes maintenance easier:

Another challenge for fleet operators is keeping up with maintenance. When you have many vehicles in your company, it can be easy to lose track of when to specific vehicles need to go in for maintenance. However, GPS trackers can keep track of maintenance schedules and send alerts when they’re due for maintenance.

Optimize routes:

GPS trackers can also help you to optimize driver routes. Among other things, route optimization saves you from having to pay employees extra to take longer routes and saves the company money on fuel.

If you want to learn more about how GPS trackers can save your transport company on gas, check out our article on GPS tracking.

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