7 Ways Law Enforcement Benefit from GPS Tracking

6 Feb 2020

Many businesses fully understand the benefits GPS tracking has to offer. Law enforcement is another sector that can realize the amazing benefits GPS fleet tracking technology brings to the table. These are just a few of the amazing benefits law enforcement can enjoy by adopting GPS tracking technology for your officers.

  1. Improve officer safety. The ability to locate officers at all times is a life-saving abilities for officers in dangerous situations or officers who have been injured on the job. These men and women serve bravely, often stepping into situations from which others turn and run. GPS tracking makes sure that help arrives quickly when needed.
  2. Helps reduce fleet fuel costs. Money is always important for law enforcement departments of every kind, and fuel is a huge expense. GPS tracking can help reduce fuel costs by mapping out more efficient patrol territories, providing more accurate routing information when responding to emergencies, and monitoring maintenance so you can keep your patrol vehicles in optimal mechanical condition.
  3. Reduces response times when officers are called to emergencies. Depending on your department and the amount of ground you have to cover during your daily duties to protect and serve your communities, it can be difficult to quickly identify the nearest unit to respond to emergencies – something GPS can identify instantly. When seconds matter, GPS is a no-brainer for reducing response times.
  4. Helps law enforcement organizations plan routes more efficiently. This ensures that no area of your “territory” is left behind when it comes to a law enforcement presence and emergency response times for your departments. The better coverage you have, the more effectively you can solve, reduce, and even prevent crimes within your jurisdictions.
  5. Improves maintenance scheduling for your entire fleet. Your fleet vehicles may all look the same on the outside, but what they do in the average day is very different. They drive different numbers of miles. They operate in different terrains, and they address different needs within the community. They also have different maintenance needs and times. GPS tracking automates the process so you can focus on other, important duties.
  6. Reports reckless driving by officers. Your officers must set the right examples for citizens in your community if you hope to maintain law and order. That means they must drive safely, too. GPS tracking can alert you instantly when drivers are displaying less than desirable activity behind the wheel.
  7. Track vehicle hours of operation. This helps to keep officers honest about the lengths of their shifts, where they’ve been, and what they’ve been doing; creating more transparency within the department.

Whether for life saving, money saving, or community building actions,  GPS tracking for law enforcement officers has a lot to promise city, county, and other law enforcement agencies.

LiveViewGPS offers GPS fleet tracking solutions for law enforcement. Call us today at 1-888-544-0494 to discuss how it can benefit your fleet.

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