GPS Asset Tracking for Recreational Rental Businesses

11 May 2022

If you run or manage a business that has a fleet of vehicles, you should be using GPS fleet tracking. There are so many major benefits to using GPS tracking for vehicle fleets, that businesses that don’t have them are going to have a harder time keeping up with the ones that do.

Recreational rental businesses are no exceptions. Below, we will discuss the ways that GPS asset tracking can benefit recreational rental businesses.

Operational Efficiency

Whether your business is renting out golf carts, scooters, boats, snowmobiles, or ATVs, chances are you’ve had to deal with late arrivals. GPS asset tracking allows you to monitor where the vehicles are, and how close they are. That means if they are still way out, you can sit back and go about some other business while you wait, or you can rest assured if they are only five minutes out.

Improved Safety

Before handing over the keys to your recreational rental, you probably have customers sign a waiver, and you may even include an option for insurance in the case of a crash. This is because accidents do happen, of course. While GPS tracking may not be able to totally prevent accidents from happening, there are a number of ways you can improve safety for your customers:

  • Geofence alerts: Geofence alerts automatically alert customers using the equipment when they are nearing an area that you have marked as off-limits or dangerous.
  • Speed alerts: Speed alerts will notify drivers when they are reaching unsafe speeds.
  • Tracking: In the case of a serious accident, you will be able to easily track and locate a customer that is in need of medical assistance.

Improved Asset Security

 Installing GPS tracking on all of your rentals will also improve your asset security. Due to the nature of your business, you are vulnerable to theft. Little is stopping a customer from simply driving off with one of your rentals or putting it in their truck and driving home with it.

However, GPS tracking is an effective deterrent for theft. Not only can you put up signs that explain that all rentals are installed with GPS tracking software to dissuade theft, but using GPS tracking will help you locate any stolen assets in the case that there is theft.

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