GPS Tracking for Independent Car Dealerships

10 Jul 2023

GPS tracking technology has made its way into practically every major industry and for good reason. GPS tracking provides a huge host of benefits to businesses of every kind. Car dealerships are one of these businesses that benefit greatly by incorporating GPS tracking technology with their vehicles.

Using GPS tracking in your dealership’s vehicles can help with inventory tracking, lot management, and much more. Plus, when consumers are sold on the technology, car dealerships capitalize on their investment.

But the advantages of using GPS tracking for independent car dealerships don’t end there. Below, we’ll go over some of the most significant ways that GPS tracking technology can impact your car dealership business.

Increase Business Efficiency

Dealerships depend on efficiency for sales. If cars aren’t cleaned when a customer wants to check it out, or a salesman can’t locate a specific model on a large lot, that can cost your business in sales. GPS tracking technology allows you to monitor the location of your vehicles and better keep track of everything from car cleaning to maintenance.

Security and Insurance Discounts

Every dealership’s most valuable assets are, of course, its vehicles. Installing GPS tracking in your vehicles will make it easy for law enforcement to find and return any stolen vehicles. Plus, many insurance companies offer discounts on auto insurance premiums for owners who use GPS tracking. That’s because they know how much GPS technology can protect vehicles in cases of liability and theft.

GPS tracking technology can also be seen as a bonus to many potential car buyers. If they understand that any vehicle theft will likely result in a speedy return thanks to GPS, they will be more likely to make a purchase.

Easier Repossession

Similarly, people who can’t make car payments may try to hide their car after they’ve defaulted on their loans. This can be a particularly difficult problem and can seriously eat into the dealership’s profit margin. GPS tracking is an easy fix to this problem. No one can successfully hide a vehicle that has a GPS tracker inside, allowing you to easily recover and repossess any vehicles when you need to.

Service Retention

Service retention is another important part of dealerships. Service retention regularly brings customers back for oil changes and other services. If you can track how many miles a vehicle has been driven with GPS, then you can notify customers when they’re due and bring them back to the dealership for service.

Knowing the benefits of GPS tracking, you can’t afford not to buy one for each of your vehicles. Browse our vehicle trackers here and start saving more money!

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