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See What Some Of Our Customers Have To Say About LiveView GPS Tracking

Having a great product is only part of the equation for business success. Standing by our customers, and providing them with world-class customer service is something we are extremely proud of. It's so easy to say, "We Provide Great Customer Service", truly delivering it is another story. We talk the talk, and walk the walk.

Below is a sampling of case studies from some of our clients, who have been with us for a very long-time. A third party company conducted the interviews for us. Still not decided on LiveViewGPS Tracking Systems? Please read what some of our clients had to say about us.

Organization: Seton Hill University
Campus Shuttle Service
Devices Used: Live Trac G5

Live Tracking Of Campus Shuttles

Live GPS Tracking Allows Students, Faculty to view live shuttle locations Used API to integrate into their 3rd party App

Seton Hill University uses the LiveViewGPS G5 Live Tracker so students can see shuttle service. read case study

Location: Greensburg, PA

Organization: RueVac Serviices
Parking Lot Sweepers/Property Services
Devices Used: Live Trac G5

Live Updates For Fleet Of Parking Lot Sweepers

Live GPS Tracking Zone/Geo Fence Alerts - Records Arrival & Departure Times Accurately Record Time On Site/Proof Of Work Performed

RueVac Property Services use the G5 GPS Tracker update clients with work performed, fleet visibility and more. read case study

Location: Orange County, California

Organization: Stover Medical
Courier/Medical Specimens
Devices Used: Live Trac PT-10

Ensuring Stover Medical Support Services' Specimens Don't Get Lost Enroute to Labs

Live GPS Tracking Portable Device - Easily Moves From Car to Car Motion Activated - Prolonged Battery Life

Stover Medical uses LiveViewGPS' PT-10 portable GPS tracker to ensure supply chain visibility for their medical specimen shipments. read case study

Location: United States - 13 States Served

Organization: Municipal/State Government Agency
Law Enforcement Vehicles/Municipal
Devices Used: Live Trac G5

Download and Read LTE Application Trial

Live GPS Tracking Vehicle Location Tracking

As an Acatel-Lucent NG Connect Partner, LiveViewGPS participated in the Las Vegas LTE Solution Trial with an LTE Mobible Broadband Network Solution providing Live GPS vehicle tracking services as a portion of the solution.  You can download and read the Application Notes here

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Organization: Portland State U.
Devices Used: SX1 Satellite Tracker

Portland State Students Rely On LiveViewGPS to Find Fallen Satellites

Live GPS Tracking Vehicle Location Tracking

Asset Tracking Long Battery Life Near Worldwide Coverage

Location: Portland, OR

Company: Personal Use
Teen Driver
Devices Used: Live Trac EZ

How LiveViewGPS Gives The Parent's Of A Teen Driver Peace Of Mind

Safety & Security - Peace Of Mind For Parents Zone Alerts - Enter/Exit Location via Email or SMS

What do you do when your child turns 16 and (gulp!) gets a driver's license? If you are like most parents you worry. And fret. read case study

Location: Delray Beach, FL

Company: Grace's Transport.
Devices Used: G5 Vehicle Trackers

Grace's Transportation Wins a State Contract with an Assist from LiveViewGPS

Security - Monitor Hospital Shuttles Effective Dispatching Monitoring Vehicle Locations & Routes

New Orleans. The Big Easy. How's a tour, transportation company going to keep track of their vehicles? read case study

Location: New Orleans, LA

Company: Name Withheld
Driving School
Devices Used: G5 Vehicle Trackers

Driving School Company

Vehicle Route Monitoring How Vehicles Being Used Employee Time Card Verification

Think sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle driven by a teenager is tough? Try doing it all day. read case study

Location: United States

Company: Alchemist Pool
Pool Service Industry
Devices Used: G5 Vehicle Trackers

Alchemist Pool Service Uses LiveViewGPS to keep customers satisfied

Customer Service - Proof Technicians Were At Location Seasonal Business - Month to Month Billing, No Contracts Start/Stop, Time At Location Reporting

It's a problem many owners of mobile fleets face, a customer complains your service rep never showed up. read case study

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Company: Alliance Diary
Support Service Dairy Industry
Devices Used: G5 Vehicle Trackers

Alliance Dairy services refrigeration systems used by dairy farmers

Live View Of Entire Fleet Fast & Easy Dispatch Of Closest Vehicle To Emergency Calls Driver Route Optimization

Hot milk to the average person means a soothing drink before bedtime...To a dairy farmer, hot milk is a nightmare. read case study

Location: Caldwell, ID

Company: Limo One
Devices Used: G5 Vehicle Trackers

Limo One's Investment in LiveViewGPS Vehicle Trackers Pays Big Dividends

Eliminated Driver Speeding Cut Vehicle Idle Times - Reducing Fuel Consumption Improved Customer Service - via Vehicle Location Awareness

The problem: Limousine drivers get paid to wait. read case study

Location: Hanford, CA

Company: Bronx Bakery
Delivery Vehicles: Bakery Industry
Devices Used: G5 Vehicle Trackers

Delivering The Goods In New York City - Bronx Bakery Counts On LiveViewGPS

Vehicle Visibility - Effective Dispatching Monitor Live Traffic & Weather Conditions From Live Trac Platform Monitor Speeding & Vehicle Idle Times - Fuel Savings

When Steve Rose was 15 years old, he got a job working for a man who owned a bread route in New York City. He enjoyed the experience so much he decided that one day, he'd have a delivery business of his own. read case study

Location: New York, NY

Company: Computer Pros
On-Site IT Support Services
Devices Used: RTV5 Vehicle Trackers

Computer Pros On Call Discovers an Unexpected Financial Asset: LiveViewGPS

Easy To Use GPS Tracking Platform - With Fast Updates Accurate Billing Verification For Customers Assists With Scheduling Service Calls

The human brain is funny when it comes to gauging time. Five minutes in a dentist's chair seems like an hour, and an hour with a new love seems like five minutes. read case study

Location: Moresville, NC

Company: EcoWater
Residential Water Treatment
Devices Used: VLS300

How LiveViewGPS Helps EcoWater Answer Customers' Most Vexing Service Question

Vehicle Visibility - ETA To Customer For Service Driver Accountability Verify Employee Time/Hours Worked

When will the service guy get here? read case study

Location: Fresno, CA

Company: Wilson Inspection
Oil & Gas: Well/Pipe X-Ray Services
Devices Used: RTV5/G5 Trackers

Wilson Inspection X-Ray Has A New Word For Security: LiveViewGPS

Security - 24/7 Live Vehicle Tracking Driver Safety - Live Weather Information Driver Accountability

9/11 changed a lot of companies, and Wilson Inspection X-Ray Services, based in Corpus Christi, Texas was not exception. read case study

Location: Corpus Christi, TX