Rue Vac Property Service Sweeps Up Profits with LiveViewGPS Tracking


Organization: RueVac Property Services

Industry: Property/Facilities Maintenance

Devices Used: Live Trac G5 Vehicle Tracking

Abstract: RueVac Property Services uses the LiveViewGPS G5 tracker to provide real-time updates on its fleet of parking lot sweepers, provide reports to clients and address concerns.

The Problem

Located in Orange, California, RueVac Property Services provides a variety of property maintenance services and has a fleet of parking lot sweepers that clean about 140 properties every night. The company started using GPS tracking devices around 2001, but found the technology to be limited, particularly when it came to generating and providing reports, and having insight into its service area coverage.

Prior to switching to LiveViewGPS, RueVac employed tracking technology that was still limited by a several-minute update timeframe, and often found disparities between the GPS reports and what vehicle drivers reported. When clients had questions about their property maintenance, a RueVac staff member would frequently need to drive to the location to perform an inspection on properties that are anywhere within a 45-minute drive of the RueVac offices.

The LiveViewGPS Solution

Frustrated with the limitations of their GPS technology, RueVac set out to find a new system, and extensively tested seven different companies before choosing LiveViewGPS. RueVac says it’s one of the best decisions they’ve made.

The G5 is a hardwired GPS tracker that has a standard update speed of 10-second intervals, and updates its position every 30 minutes when the ignition is off and the vehicle is not moving. It’s also equipped with a battery backup that transmits its location when it is disconnected from power.

The 10-second timeframe of the Live Trac G5 units installed on approximately 30 vehicles allows RueVac to know exactly where its units are at any given time. The ability to generate more accurate reports for each vehicle every morning has been greatly improved the company’s efficiency, in addition to providing a new and improved level of accountability and transparency with clients. If clients have a question about their property’s maintenance, RueVac can provide a detailed report and playback.

The increased detail provided by LiveView’s tracking also allows RueVac to devote less staff resources to having to do physical site inspections. RueVac’s Vice President, Aaron Lyons, said they’ve had nothing but great customer response to their use of LiveView trackers.

“When we show them how detailed the information is, they’re floored,” he said. “It’s a great marketing tool. Clients love the accountability measures and quality control.”
A Competitive Edge

Lyons said while many companies tout their use of GPS technology, he believes RueVac is set apart by how they utilize the technology to both increase the company’s efficiency and better serve clients. He also said LiveView has been very supportive. For example, when RueVac had problems related to how they utilize the reports, LiveView modified the system, free of charge.

He added that while there were some concerns about forgoing a contract and having to purchase the LiveView units up front, the system has spoken for itself.

“It’s worked so well, and it’s more than paying for itself,” he said, and added that the month-to-month tracking service is helpful for units that may occasionally need to be turned off for storage while not in use.

“I would definitely recommend LiveView,” Lyons said, and added with a chuckle, “but not to my competition, because I don’t want them to have the edge.”