LiveViewGPS Helps Driving School Keep a Critical Eye on its Students


(Our client agreed to this interview, however wishes to remain anonymous as to name and company specifics)

The problem

Think sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle driven by a teenager is tough?

Try doing it all day.

That’s the job of the state-certified driving instructors at a well-respected East Coast driving school. In the classroom and on the road, they teach teenagers and adults the art of driving safely.

The job of the school’s president is to monitor their small fleet of vehicles to better understand where the vehicles go and how they are being used to help improve their teaching methods.

The only method for doing that that made sense was installing GPS vehicle trackers.

The LiveViewGPS solution

The driving school president looked at a couple of GPS vendors and determined LiveViewGPS offered the best program for their needs. He liked the functionality of their system and the value it offered, so he bought two Live Trac G-5 vehicle trackers to try out with their employees. It turned out to be the right decision, so he added more.

The Live Trac G-5 hardwired vehicle tracker is a next-generation live tracking system. It allows users to monitor what time employees start, arrive and leave each and every stop throughout the day, how many miles were driven, how long they idled and whether they were speeding. The system also optimizes driver routes, monitors fuel usage, job costing and overtime to improve operational efficiency.

Standard reports include start/stop, vapor trail, route alerts if a vehicle deviates from a route, mileage, aggressive driving, speeding, vehicle mileage and more.

The GPS vehicle tracking system runs on LiveViewGPS’s exclusive Live Trac Platform. Integrated with Microsoft’s Virtual Earth Mapping System, the platform allows users to monitor vehicles from any web enabled computer or mobile device, watch vehicles live as well as monitor current speeds, travel direction and location. The system updates in 1-, 5- or 10-second intervals for real time monitoring.

The benefits

One of the president’s main concerns was managing the fleet better. Thanks to the Live Trac vehicle tracking reports he receives, he now knows where each instructor is and what he or she is doing. Afterwards he consults with them to discuss what occurred during each lesson as a teaching device to improve the level of instruction.

Although one of the main benefits of a GPS vehicle tracking system is the idling report, which helps companies monitor and reduce idling times to save fuel costs, idling is not one of the school’s concerns since it’s the nature of the beast. Instructors can easily spend an hour just teaching students how to park, especially when it comes to parallel parking.

Another benefit is LiveViewGPS’ mobile app, which allows the president to keep tabs on the business without having to be stuck in front of a monitor all day.

And LiveViewGPS customer service? The system was so easy to install and use, he hasn’t had to call.

As the driving school president summed up, the LiveViewGPS vehicle tracking system has been a good investment. It does what he wants it to do, which is to keep an eye on things and improve the services they offer their clients.