Tips to Keep Your Teen Driver Safe While Driving

9 May 2016

Driving for the first time is a very exciting time in the lives of teens; however, it can also be very dangerous. The leading causes of death in young adults and kids ages 15 through 20 are motor vehicle crashes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

But, the NHTSA also says that despite these statistics, only 25 percent of parents actually sit down and talk with their teens about what it takes to drive safely. Below are five rules that parents can instill in their teen before they begin driving.

Stay Away from Alcohol

When it comes to teenage driving, there is no legal limit for alcohol consumption. If your teen is under 21 years old, it is illegal for them to consume any amount of alcohol. However, the NHTSA states that even though this law is put in place, there are still deaths that involve teen drivers in motor vehicle crashes wholes blood-alcohol content is .01 or more.

Must Wear Seat Belts

Let your teen driver know that using their seat belts is not an option and is non-negotiable. It will protect them during a crash. You should buckle up yourself to set a good example.

No Speeding

Although teens like to push the limits, doing it while they are driving is not a good idea. When they speed, they are not just risking getting a ticket; they are also risking their lives since it can result in a deadly accident.

No Texting or Calls

It doesn’t matter who you are, talking on the phone or texting while you are driving is dangerous. This is especially true with teens since they don’t have as much experience driving as you do and when they become distracted while they are driving, it adds more risk. While distracted, any driver has slower reaction times.  Also, if your teen is reading or sending texts, this takes their eyes off the road.

One Passenger at a Time

In some cases, depending on your state, the license guidelines for your teen driver might even be zero passengers. The more passengers your teen has in the car with them, the more risk of them having a fatal crash, says the NHTSA.

Using GPS Tracking

Since vehicle crashes are the leading cause of teen deaths, parents who are concerned and worried can  now track their teen’s driving through GPS teen tracking. You can check things like the speed they are driving, their braking and acceleration, or where they are located. All that is needed to track your teen’s driving is a small GPS tracking device that you plug into the diagnostic port of the car (located under the dashboard on the left side, typically).

You can instill good driving habits in your teen. You can also let them know that if they choose not to drive safely, you will take their keys away and revoke their driving privileges. Driving safety should be a regular conversation in your home.



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