8 Causes of Teen Driving Accidents – And What Parents Can Do About It

14 Aug 2023

The time when your teen starts driving can be a freeing one for both parents and teens. You don’t have to worry about scheduling time to pick them up and drop them off for all of their appointments anymore. Yet, this can also be a worrisome time because you don’t know if your teen is being safe on the road.

So what are the causes of teen driving accidents and what can you, as a parent, do about it?

Driver inexperience. Even if your teen is a good and confident driver, driver inexperience is a huge obstacle that takes time to overcome. When dangerous or even everyday situations arise, they may not act as safely as an inexperienced driver, leading to a potential accident.

Driving with teens or young passengers. Driving with other teen passengers can lead to a host of problems including distractions, drugs and alcohol, and speeding to look cool in front of peers.

Nighttime driving. For inexperienced teen drivers, nighttime driving is even more dangerous than it is for experienced drivers.

Not using seatbelts. Some teen drivers may forget to use their seatbelts or think they don’t have to use one, which increases the risk of fatalities or serious injuries if they get into an accident.

Distracted driving. Distracted driving is dangerous, no matter who’s driving. Teens may think it’s no big deal to look at their phones or pay less attention on the road.

Drowsy driving. Drowsy driving is a serious concern. Many people don’t think they’ll actually end up nodding off on the road and it’s important that your teen knows they should pull over if they’re ever feeling drowsy at the wheel.

Reckless driving. Teens are more likely to engage in reckless driving than older, more experienced drivers. Doing so puts them at a much higher risk of getting in an accident or getting a ticket.

Impaired driving. Teens are known for their poor decision-making skills. Combine drugs and alcohol with an undeveloped frontal lobe and you’ve got a recipe that may result in your teen driving impaired.

So What Can Parents Do About It?

 Educate your teen about safe and dangerous driving practices. Tell them that if they are ever in a situation where they are too intoxicated to drive, you will pick them up.

Set limits and guidelines, including limits on how late they can drive (to prevent drowsy driving). Tell them to always wear their seatbelt and if they’re ever seen without one, there will be consequences.

GPS Trackers for Teen Drivers

 Without knowing where their teens are and how they’re driving, parents are pretty much left in the dark when it comes to teen driving.

Luckily, GPS trackers are a fantastic tool to track the whereabouts of teens in the car and driving behavior.

With GPS trackers can you know their location at any time of the day and see if they’re speeding, braking hard, or driving recklessly, and receive alerts in the case of an accident.

If you’re worried your teen won’t be on board with a GPS tracker, try the Covert GPS Tracker PT8100.

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