If your fleet brings help and supplies to communities recovering from storms like hurricanes, floods and tornadoes, GPS fleet tracking technology can be extremely valuable. Monitoring recovery equipment through the use of GPS fleet tracking devices can make your recovery and relief efforts faster and more efficient.

Take the latest hurricane on the East Coast of the U.S., Dorian, vehicles were tossed around like toys, homes ripped to shreds and people missing as rescue teams continued fighting flooding and the hurricane’s waning outer bands to try and provide help to those stranded in the Bahamas.

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As a commercial laundry and linen services company, you have a huge responsibility keeping the biggest businesses in your city stocked with clean and spotless linens, sheets, towels, tablecloths, napkins, and uniforms. You’re responsible for helping them put their best faces forward to their customers. That means that getting the items delivered in time for major events, lunch rushes, and shift changes is extremely important for your business and for theirs.

These are just a few ways GPS fleet tracking can help your commercial laundry and linen service do just that.

Avoid Unnecessary Traffic Delays Saving Time and Money Every Day

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GPS tracking offers many benefits to eco-friendly companies. Some of the benefits help in bigger ways than you may realize at first. These are just a few benefits your eco-friendly organization can enjoy by adopting GPS tracking in your fleet vehicles.

Organizational Accountability

Beyond planning more fuel-efficient routes for drivers, GPS fleet tracking holds drivers accountable to sticking to those routes by notifying you instantly if they deviate. This helps you reduce your fuel consumption, as an organization, by traveling fewer miles in a day. Reduced fuel consumption means you’re spending less money on gas, emitting fewer emissions, and limiting the carbon footprint involved in getting your goods to market.

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