GPS III Explained

27 Feb 2019

GPS is currently a lifeline to some four billion people worldwide. Even those who don’t use GPS specific devices often use GPS features on their mobile phones to help with directions, navigation, and more. Businesses rely on it for planning safer routes, even college campuses are beginning to use GPS technology to fuel delivery robots. In other words, the world relies on GPS.

The technology that drivers GPS is somewhat dated, however. It’s been around since the 1960s, and reached full viability in 1995. With the speed at which traditional technology advances, that means the technology that drives GPS is somewhat dated. Just think about the computers that dominated in 1995. Honestly, most people were just discovering dial-up Internet services at the time.

What is GPS III?

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Ski resorts rely on many tools and techniques to keep their slopes filled and skiers happy. While it may be something you’ve never thought of before, providing shuttle buses equipped with GPS tracking for skiers, shoppers, and those simply looking to take in the stunning views while exploring your resort is a great way to add value to the services you offer. These are just a few reasons to use shuttle buses for your resort.

Reduce Vehicle Congestion at the Resort

Bringing in a wide influx of vehicle traffic, many of whom aren’t accustomed to driving in the mountains or in the snow, can be tricky. Shuttle buses reduce the number of people flying in who will rely on rental cars to get to and from your resort. This reduces congestion during busy periods and helps to improve safety for all concerned.

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When it comes to GPS tracking devices for your vehicles, there are two primary types of devices: hardwired where you need a three-wire connection and plug and play (PNP) where you connect them right to the OBD-II port.

Any vehicle made after 1996 should come with an OBD-II port located usually near the steering wheel of the vehicle. The OBD-II port helps a mechanic or your car dealership to connect the computer of your car to clear engine codes or see what’s happening inside your car.

When using this port, you can easily plug the GPS tracking device directly into this plug and have the ability to track in less than a minute. This also saves on installation expenses and you can move it to another vehicle at any time. Once you install the plug and play GPS tracking device, you simply log into your tracking account and you’re ready to track.

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