Believe it or not, truck tailgates have become a highly sought prize for thieves looking for an easy score that promises big money. Anyone who has ever had to replace a broken or stolen truck tailgate understands the pocketbook pain such replacements can bring. And the problem isn’t going away.

Why are Tailgates So Attractive?

In addition to commanding top dollar from consumers and a fairly large ready marketplace, truck tailgates are also surprisingly easy to steal. Many people have never even heard of this type of theft until it happens to them, yet it is very common with one Oklahoma auto dealer getting hit for three tailgates in a single night.

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The Road to Zero program is an educational program designed to eliminate roadway deaths. After several decades of steady declines in roadway deaths, we experienced a large jump in the number of deaths with 5,000 more people being killed in auto roadway accidents in 2016 than in 2011. Thus, the Road to Zero Coalition, managed by the National Safety Council, was born.

According to the RAND Corporation, the coalition has created three primary initiatives to help them achieve their goals of ending traffic fatalities, including:

  1. Double down on things that have proven to be effective evidence-based strategies.
  2. Advance technology in vehicles designed to save lives.
  3. Creating a positive safety culture that prioritizes safety on the roads.

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Mold remediation businesses tackle tough problems that plague homeowners across the country. Restoring homes and businesses to normal after a mold problem improves health and preserves the property from the damage mold causes. Whether you’re removing mold in attics, basements, crawl spaces, air ducts, or other areas of homes or businesses, doing your job well improves the lives of many people each year. GPS tracking for mold removal fleets can help you do your job better.

Improve Scheduling and Route Planning

GPS fleet tracking provides you with all the tools you need to improve your scheduling and route planning. This allows you to create more accurate schedules, which your customers will appreciate, and work more appointments in your day. You can improve customer service, get more customer recommendation, and make more money in the same amount of time when you plan routes more efficiently with GPS tracking.

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