How Landscaping Companies Can Benefit from GPS Tracking

9 May 2014


GPS tracking is beneficial in many industries. Some of which, don’t yet realize how beneficial GPS tracking has the potential to be. Landscaping is one of the industries in which GPS can literally change the way businesses operate.

In addition to the money-saving benefits you’ll experience when using GPS tracking software, there are routing and staffing issues you may discover as well. Whether your business focuses strictly on lawn services or you offer other landscaping services, you’re sure to enjoy these GPS tracking benefits.

Improve Employee Accountability

It’s a common problem, unfortunately, in the landscaping businesses for employees to kill a little time in between jobs, arrive late to jobs, and take longer than necessary breaks once jobs are complete. GPS fleet tracking helps keep your employees accountable for the hours they work and the wages they earn by reporting accurately where the fleet vehicles are at any given time. You can even trace the route the vehicles took to see if there were any detours or excessive idle times between jobs.

Plan More Efficient Routes

You know which jobs must be done on any given day. GPS tracking software is also helpful for planning routes that are more cost effective for the business. Rather than giving drivers a territory to work, you can give them specific routes, timelines, and location orders to work in the day. You’ll save time, gas, and money by following more efficient routes for your daily landscaping appointments.

Reduce Labor Costs

Once you’ve streamlined your routes for optimal efficiency, you should notice that you don’t need as many employees to get the job done. Even if you free up enough time for one additional stop per day, per vehicle, you can significantly reduce labor costs for your landscaping business over the course of a season. The savings add up even more over the course of a year.

Vehicle Recovery in Event of Thefts

Theft is a very real possibility for lawn care trucks in the world we live in today. GPS tracking equipment on your trucks makes it easy to track the truck and makes recovering stolen vehicles in tact a much greater likelihood. In fact, arecent news story out of Oklahoma discusses how GPS tracking helped recover stolen lawn service trucks and equipment.

Identify Jobs that aren’t Profitable

If you notice one job that consistently takes longer than others despite your workers located where they’re supposed to be, you might want to flag that job for further scrutiny. Sometimes, there are glitches or difficulties in jobs that make them a little less than profitable for your business. The sooner you can identify these jobs and make adjustments, the better it will be for your bottom line.

From tree removal companies to lawn care services, landscaping businesses stand to gain much by incorporating GPS tracking into other aspects of their business. The more you use your GPS tracking device, the more you’ll wonder how your business ever turned a profit without it.

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