How HVAC Companies Can Benefits from GPS Fleet Tracking

14 Oct 2014

HVAC companies are constantly on the move. Fleet vehicles must continuously make service calls, perform installations, and even perform routine maintenance on HVAC systems throughout the cities where you conduct your business. This takes a toll on trucks and drivers — not to mention a huge chunk of change out of the profit category each year.

But, did you know something as simple as a GPS HVAC tracking system can actually save your business money each year? That’s only the tip of the iceberg though. These types of benefits are perfect reasons for HVAC companies to consider GPS fleet tracking services.

More Accurate ETA Reporting

People are either boiling in their homes or turning into ice cubes when their air conditioning units or heaters are out of commission. They only thing they want more than the problem solved is an accurate estimation for when the HVAC technician is going to arrive.

With GPS HVAC fleet tracking, you can accurately estimate the amount of time it will take service personnel to arrive based on their current location and current traffic situations. This makes you a real hero in the eyes of your customers.

Improved Fleet Management Abilities

Keeping track of several trucks can be difficult if you’re left to go by your memory and a vague understanding of the local landscape. Whether you’re planning daily service routes or dispatching emergency repair services, GPS tracking makes your job easier.

It assists you in finding the most efficient and cost-effective routes, identifying route deviations, and helping to navigate tricky traffic or construction situations. As a result, you provide a better overall customer service experience to your customers.

Verification of Service Calls

GPS tracking actually tracks your vehicles. If customers ever insist that service calls weren’t made, you can simply pull up the location of your trucks at the time the call was supposed to have been made to verify that the truck was, in fact, at the proper address at the time. Not only can it help you prove that you were there, but how long you were there is the actual billable hours is what the customer is disputing.

Eliminates Outdated Territories in Favor of More Efficient Routing Methods

Once upon a time, HVAC technicians worked within certain territories. This method, while orderly, is not very efficient. This is especially true when compared to the efficiency of planning daily routes and feeding emergency calls to the nearest technician, rather than a person in the territory who may be further away.

Now you can plan your business according to the route that provides the greatest fuel efficiency. This saves the company a lot of gas money each year, but also cuts down on wasted labor that’s fighting traffic rather than dealing with the business at hand.

The bottom line is that adequate GPS tracking of your fleet can help reduce labor costs, gas costs, overtime calls, and organizational inefficiency. The sooner you adopt this technology for your HVAC business, the faster you can begin reaping its rewards.

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