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How a GPS Vehicle Tracking System Helps One Call Ventilation Improve Effective Labor Management

The Problem

Effective labor management is the backbone of most businesses because it's one of the biggest-if not the biggest-expenses.

A critical component of effective labor management-and a productivity booster-is holding employees accountable. This is especially true for companies with mobile workers. Key considerations include:

  • Are they where they're supposed to be?
  • Are they on time?
  • How long are they at a site?
  • Are they working or goofing off?
  • Are they going outside their routes?
  • Are they using company resources for moonlighting?

Such questions are vital to companies with small fleets like One Call Ventilation in Weymouth MA, which installs, cleans, maintains and repairs hood and ventilation systems for more than 500 restaurants throughout Massachusetts and surrounding states.

"The cleaning aspect of my business is done at night when restaurants are closed," explains Scott McQuade, One Call Ventilation's owner. "I'm sleeping while my guys are working. If they tell me a job took six hours, I have to pay them for six hours because there's no way to verify it. They could sit in their trucks for an extra hour and add time, and I'd never know it.

"Also, my guys take the trucks home, so they could be using my vehicles and equipment for personal reasons or side jobs without my knowledge."

To maintain effective labor management practices, McQuade investigated the benefits of outfitting his fleet of five vehicles with a GPS vehicle tracking system. In the past, these systems were so expensive only large companies could afford them. Technical advances, however, have made GPS tracking systems affordable for everybody.

The LiveView GPS vehicle tracking solution

After evaluating several systems, Scott McQuade selected the Live Trac G5 Vehicle Tracking System from LiveViewGPS.

This next-generation real-time vehicle tracking system features 10-second vehicle tracking along with a highly sensitive GPS receiver that works where other GPS trackers fail.

Equally important is how easy it is to install and use. The state-of-the-art web-based Live Trac GPS Vehicle Tracking System is integrated with Microsoft's Virtual Earth Mapping system, permitting One Call Ventilation to locate all vehicles 24/7 from a GPS-enabled computer screen, cellphone or iPad.

Now McQuade can:

  • Watch vehicles turn-by-turn live, including current speed, direction and location
  • Group vehicles by region
  • Receive speed and boundary alerts, which are automatically text messengered to any e-mail address or cellphone
  • Obtain over a dozen reports such as start/stop reports, vapor trail reports, route alerts, ignition alert, aggressive driving, excessive idling and more.

The benefits of G5 GPS tracking

"Now I can instantly locate my vehicles, see where they've been, where they are, how fast they're going, start and stop times, routes driven, daily miles traveled and more," McQuade says.

"I have one truck that stays put and is only used to transport equipment. My G5 GPS Vehicle Tracking System allows me to log into my computer and draw an invisible ‘fenced-in' area around the vehicle. Basically, the fence sets parameters, and if the truck leaves that defined area, I get an instant alert that let me know it has left the location."

The G5 GPS system also simplifies fleet tracking set-up and operations. A click of a mouse or an app on a cellphone or iPad is all that's required.

"I now have the ability to look at my iPhone and see a map that shows the exact location of my vehicles and the speed they are going," McQuade observes. "I have the ability to set speed thresholds, which ensures my drivers are complying with safe driving practices. I like the fact that I get an instant text if my drivers are speeding. I can then call them to slow down. Speeding not only wastes fuel, it also creates serious liability issues.

"The G5 GPS Vehicle Tracking system even helps me figure the amount of gasoline used in my vehicles and equipment. Before GPS, a couple of my employees were filling five-gallon gas cans, putting some of the gas in the pressure washers and pouring most of the gas into their own vehicles. Now I'm actually able to track the monthly mileage for each vehicle and calculate the total amount of gas they buy. I get a good educated guess as to where my gas is going. This is a great tool."

Companies using GPS fleet tracking can increase their productivity and profits, help protect the business, improve labor productivity and reduce fleet costs-all of which help boost the company's revenue stream.

"I like the fact that I can track everything on my phone," expresses McQuade. "I'm a small company, and through the use of technology I'm able to manage my entire business while out in the field. I'm notified the instant an employee starts one of my trucks. I love that. Also, if a truck gets stolen, I know its exact location. It's better than a LoJack."

Companies can realize a fast return on investment (ROI), often within weeks of using a fleet tracking system. McQuade states he is paying only $30 per month, which he asserts is an awesome price and a no-brainer for any business owner.

"The G5 GPS Vehicle Tracking system is the absolute best tool I could ever have to keep an eye on my guys and my trucks," McQuade concludes. "If I didn't have it, I probably would have had a heart attack by now. I'm serious. It is a powerful, powerful tool and has definitely made it easier for me to sleep."