GPS Tracking for Visiting Nurses

18 Dec 2023

Visiting nurses are healthcare professionals who provide public health services in patients’ homes. Home care is used in many different scenarios including supporting postpartum women, outpatient rehabilitation, wound care, medication management, and much more.


Home care allows patients to stay in their homes to receive treatment rather than visiting the doctor’s office or hospital. Whether visiting nurses are preferable because the patient is receiving long-term care or they are not in a life-threatening situation that requires a hospital, home care provides a level of comfort that is not always possible inside a hospital or other medical facility.


All of this is possible thanks to visiting nurses. Without them, there would be no home care.

In this article, we’ll explain some of the ways that GPS tracking can benefit visiting nurses.

The Challenges

Home care organizations and visiting nurses face a number of regular challenges that can make the jobs of employees and managers more difficult, hinder safety, and eat into your bottom line.

Some of these challenges include:

  • Safety
  • Changing appointments
  • Employee schedules
  • Accountability

The solution to all of these problems is to implement quality GPS tracking technology. Below, we’ll explain how GPS tracking accomplishes this.


When you have employees out on the road visiting patients, you need to prioritize safety. In the case of an emergency, GPS tracking technology can provide you with the exact location of the accident to send emergency services.

Furthermore, GPS tracking software can allow supervisors and dispatchers to reroute drivers around hazardous road conditions to save time and increase safety.

Changing Appointments

GPS tracking software can allow you to stay ahead of changing appointments. When appointments are canceled, added, or changed, it can be a big time waster. With GPS tracking technology, supervisors and dispatchers can monitor the locations of all visiting nurses and reroute the nearest ones according to their location and the next available appointment, saving time and money on gas.

Employee Schedules

GPS tracking technology helps keep track of employee schedules and monitor when and where an employee was when they clocked in. This makes supervisors’ positions all the easier and improves accountability when clocking in.


Speaking of accountability… it’s essential when visiting nurses are out on the road. GPS tracking will ensure that supervisors know when nurses are driving safely and when they’re not.

Furthermore, supervisors can set up geofences that alert them whenever a nurse leaves a designated area or route.

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