GPS Tracking for Mobile Shredding Companies and Fleets

7 Jul 2021

Mobile shredding companies offer important services for businesses in big and small towns alike. While one of your biggest priorities is ensuring that documents are properly shredded so that no business owner needs to worry about violating customer, client, or patient confidentiality, you also have other concerns to worry about so that your business remains strong and vibrant for years to come. GPS tracking for mobile shredding companies and fleets can help you with many of these concerns, including those listed below.

Accurate Routing Information

Many large cities have downtown areas with dedicated one-way streets. This can be confusing enough in its own right. Combine that with frequent road constructions and detours, and routing your mobile shredding trucks through major business districts can become an absolute nightmare that takes a toll on even the most generous shredding appointment timetables.

GPS fleet tracking provides accurate and optimized routing information as well as on-the-fly routing around traffic congestion, delays, and detours allowing you to arrive at your appointed destination on time and ready to shred.

Encourage Safer Driving Habits

Since your drivers are on the road and you’re either on the road going a different direction or stuck in the office, you can’t always look over their shoulders to see how they are driving. GPS fleet systems for your shredding trucks can do that for you. You can even set up your system to send text or email alerts when drivers are driving over the speed limit, swerving, hard braking, or engaging in other dangerous or aggressive actions behind the wheel.

Another, often unexpected, benefit of GPS tracking for drivers is that it helps to keep them on the straight and narrow when it comes to making use of company time. Because you can receive alerts when drivers go off-route, they are far less likely to take care of personal business on your time (and your dime).

Verify Chain of Possession for Documents

Some documents that must be shredded contain sensitive information. Your GPS system can act as a supplemental record of your receipt of those documents. It can also show proof that your drivers showed up to shred documents in certain places of business, which can aid with any billing or labor disputes that may arise.

When your business is all about going where the people (or in this case documents) are, it is even more critical that you are able to reach your destinations accurately and on time every time. That is why investing in GPS fleet tracking for your mobile paper shredding company is critically important.


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