Advantages of Using Geofencing in Your Business

30 Jan 2019

Geofencing offers many possible benefits to businesses of all shapes and sizes. And, its popularity is growing. In fact, from marketing to deliveries and all points in between, today’s technology allows businesses to use geofencing in ways you’ve never considered before. These are just a few advantages geofencing has to offer your business.

Entice Customers to Visit Your Store

Because geofencing is location based, you can use it to generate enticing offers and incentives to encourage nearby customers to come into your store. It’s a great way to capitalize on local foot traffic. It’s also an incredible way to boost your sales.

Track Employee Time More Effectively

Eliminate unreported time or over reported time with geofencing. This powerful technology allows you to track when employees enter and exit the worksite. This allows you to track their time more effectively for more accurate payroll. It’s also more accurate than relying on employees to clock in and out before leaving the building every day. GPS tracking and geo fencing can also be used to track employee hours when responding to calls for fleets.

Retain Actionable Data

When you use geofencing for marketing, you gain powerful actionable data about which methods get the best results, so you can repeat those efforts in the future for larger success. In the information age, data is king. These apps can help you reel in invaluable data about what drives consumers to come into your stores.

Learn about spending habits, which discounts trigger the greatest response, and test new campaigns, using the data gathered from people who use QR codes sent to them when they enter the geofenced areas.

Protect Business Vehicles and Tools

When you use GPS location tracking in combination with geofences, you’re creating a virtual perimeter or “safe zone” for your important equipment. When these pieces of equipment leave this safe zone, you receive an instant alert. With real-time GPS tracking, you can even track the item to know precisely where it is and aid in the recovery of your item.

It’s a great way to protect high-value items that have a bad habit of disappearing for businesses. Geofencing and establishing perimeters also prevents after-hours usage of your equipment and tools from employees looking to earn a little quick cash on the side without your knowledge. This helps to protect the good name of your business and reduces unnecessary wear and tear on your tools and electronics.

You can even use geofencing to cut into your competitors’ profits by targeting their geographic locations for advertisements for your business. Work with us here at LiveViewGPS to learn even more about the advantages geofencing can deliver to your business. Call us at 1-888-544-0494

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