GPS Tracking for Pedelecs

8 Nov 2017

Pedelecs are considered conventional bicycles with a little bit of a twist in that your pedalling is assisted by a small electric motor. How cool is that?

These bicycles are different from standard e-bikes in that the power to the motor is cut when you aren’t pedalling or your speed exceeds a certain “cut-off” number, typically 16 miles per hour.

Regardless of what kind of pedelec you own, protecting your investment is essential and GPS tracking can help you do just that in many different ways, including those listed below.

Theft Recovery

Theft happens, particularly when it comes to attractive bicycles and pedelecs. The problem of bicycle theft was so prominent in Baltimore that the city suspended its bike-sharing program, which featured the largest pedelec fleet in the country for a month.

GPS tracking has eased the ability to track and secure the return of stolen bikes making it a real winner for many considering this type of investment.

Track Your Route

Not all benefits of GPS tracking for pedelecs are related to theft recovery and bicycle security. Some of it relates to the fun you can have by tracking your route (to help determine the calories you’ve burned, the miles you’ve ridden, or even to coordinate with friends to meet somewhere in the middle). GPS tracking makes all these things and more possible – even when on the go.

Map Where You’re Going

Sometimes it’s fun to ride in unfamiliar territory, especially when you can rest assured that your ride home will be assisted. GPS tracking means you can ride with confidence that you’ll be able to map out a safe route and avoid getting lost along the way. At its heart and soul, GPS tracking remains a formidable tool for mapping routes, identifying more efficient routes, and even avoiding certain streets and roadways.

You can even find some GPS mapping programs that will map the ease of the route and potential delays along the way so you can find the most scenic route, shortest, route, or most challenging route to take according to your interests.

Receive Text Alerts for Specific Situations

You can even set up alerts that will let you know whenever your pedelec is operational during designated sleep times or moving outside of designated geographical limits. Either way, you’ll be the first to know if someone has taken your pedelec where it should not go so you can notify the authorities and facilitate the swift recovery of your bike.

For all these reasons and more, GPS tracking is the way to go when it comes to securing the investment you’ve made in a pedelec. Get GPS tracking today and see what a difference it makes in your enjoyment of your bike and peace of mind.



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