How GPS Tracking Can Help With Theft Prevention and Recovery

6 May 2024

If you run or manage a business that requires employees to use expensive or high-tech equipment and assets, equipment theft and loss can seriously eat into your bottom line.

Whether it’s one major loss like a vehicle or forklift theft or a thousand stolen radios, power saws, and screwdrivers, or something in between, equipment theft is a real issue that can be hard to tackle.

First of all, identifying the theft can be difficult. You need to keep track of who was using what and when and employee logs can be unreliable or dishonest. Second, once the theft is known, it can be impossible to identify who did it, or whether it was a real theft or someone simply misplaced it. That makes the chances of recovering your stolen equipment slim to none in many cases.

In fact, equipment recovery rate is reported to be approximately 20%, meaning in most cases, you will never get your equipment back.

Though the problem is a complex and menacing one, the solution is rather simple… use GPS equipment tracking.

Theft Prevention

When employees are the ones sneaking off with your equipment, the best thing you can do to prevent any thefts from happening in the first place is to make it clear they will be caught. How do you ensure this? Ensure they actually will be caught!

When you outfit your equipment with GPS tracking systems, you can notify your employees of the new change. Make it clear to your employees that the whereabouts of the equipment will be monitored at all times and that anyone caught stealing equipment will face consequences. That should deter a majority, if not all, of employee thefts.

Theft Recovery

Theft prevention goes only so far, and when it fails, you want to make sure the culprit is caught and your equipment is recovered so you don’t suffer any losses.

Whether the thief is an employee or an outsider, GPS tracking makes recovery simple. You can make equipment recovery even faster and more reliable by setting up a geo-fence, which works as follows:

  1. Set up a virtual geo-fence around job sites.
  2. When a given equipment passes the boundary of the geo-fence you will receive an alert.
  3. Notify the authorities and allow them to monitor the location of the stolen equipment.
  4. Recover your stolen asset.


Equipment and asset tracking is the easiest and most effective way to ensure theft prevention and recovery. Plus, it’s affordable.

Here at LiveViewGPS, we offer battery asset trackers, iridium solar asset trackers, and much more. Get your equipment and asset GPS trackers today and ensure you never lose another asset to theft.

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