GPS Tracking for Electric Bikes

5 Apr 2017

Bike theft in the U.S. and around the world is big business and electric bikes provide tempting targets to would-be bike thieves. The problem is that bicycles are typically easy for thieves to take off with. GPS technology will not necessarily prevent the theft of electric bikes, but it will aid in the swift recovery of your bike if it is stolen.

Prevention is the Best Cure

Obviously, it is better to take steps to prevent thieves from targeting your electric bike. Most thieves are looking for easy targets. That means unsecured bikes they can hop on, even in a sea of witnesses, and ride away with. Using a physical lock to secure your bike is a huge step in the right direction – especially if you own an electric bike, which is a far more attractive target for thieves hoping to receive a payoff for their efforts.

Even so, investing in a high-quality lock for your bike, and using it diligently, doesn’t present all thefts. There are some thieves who like the challenge of secured bikes and some that will simply target an electric bike whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Unfortunately, bikes are notoriously difficult to recover once stolen. They are small enough targets that unless you catch thieves in the act and prevent them from taking the bike, the odds of you seeing your bike again are slim – or at least they have been historically.

One other thing law enforcement officers recommend is making your electric bike easy to identify. One option for this is etching an identifying number onto the frame of the bike. Another option is to use a scannable QR code on a water-proof ID tag – something very few people do. This will assist in the chances of recovering your bike.

Using GPS Tracking to Recover Stolen Electric Bikes

GPS tracking technology allows you to essentially track your bike if it’s stolen. You can follow your bike directly from your smartphone or a computer. This doesn’t replace locking your bike to protect it from thieves, but instead offers an added layer of protection that will make it easier to recover your bike once stolen.

GPS tracking works in two important ways. First, it allows you to track your bike if stolen. You can give the information to law enforcement who can go in and safely recover your bike for you.

The second way GPS tracking benefits you is by allowing you to establish a perimeter and notifying you whenever your bike leaves that perimeter. This allows you to recognize the theft immediately, rather than hours after the fact, so you can take action quickly – greatly increasing the likelihood of recovering your electric bike.

Now is the perfect time to protect your investment in your electric bike with GPS tracking – before the unthinkable occurs. Call us here at LiveViewGPS to learn more about GPS tracking for electric bikes.



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