7 Ways Your Business Can Improve Delivery Times

11 Apr 2019

For many businesses, the timeline for deliveries is critical for keeping your customers happy, reducing your labor costs, and maximizing your profits. Whether you are delivering to individual customers as a B2C business or delivering to other business with critical B2B deliveries, making deliveries more efficiently makes your business more money at the end of every day — especially when you’re competing against big box businesses, like Amazon and Walmart, that offer two-day shipping and deliveries.

Below are seven ways your business can improve delivery times so you can enjoy its many benefits.

  1. Use GPS Fleet Tracking. GPS fleet tracking is about so much more than cutting fuel costs. It can be instrumental in planning more efficient routes, eliminating off-route detours by drivers, and encouraging drivers to remain on task until all deliveries are made.
  2. Improve communications. Communication is essential for keeping your people on task, relaying important information, and delivering motivation. Two-way radios and other communications tools can be instrumental for improving organizational efficiency and, as a result, delivery times.
  3. Incentivize organizational efficiency. If you really want to implement positive changes within your organization, the best thing you can do is tie bonuses and other incentives to those timely deliveries and/or greater warehouse efficiency.
  4. Automate. Automate. Automate. It bears repeating. The fewer human hands on items and goods you’re tasked to deliver the lower the risk for human errors and unexpected delays.
  5. Perform consistent vehicle maintenance. Preventative vehicle maintenance can be instrumental in preventing unnecessary delays related to maintenance-related breakdowns. It is one of the most cost-effective and easy to manage aspects of your efforts to improve delivery times. GPS fleet tracking can help you with the automated scheduling of routine maintenance and preventative care.
  6. Streamline warehouse processes. Attempts to truly improve delivery times will almost always circle back to warehouse efficiency. While preventative maintenance and better driver tracking can eliminate some delays, the consistent delays often come from inside your warehouses.
  7. Audit operations to determine where vulnerabilities exist. Before you do anything, though, you must take stock of the current state of affairs within your organization to see where communications breakdowns and delivery slowdowns originate and occur most often. Incremental improvements in each of the vulnerable areas can create massive organizational improvements.

Seven simple steps can yield impressive results for your organization when it comes to making timelier deliveries and improving customer satisfaction. Try them for yourself and see what differences they make.

If you’re looking for a GPS fleet tracking solution for your business, contact us here at LiveViewGPS at 1-888-544-0494. We’ll go over your options, and answer any questions you may have.

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