GPS Fleet Tracking for Holiday Delivery Drivers

11 Nov 2021

GPS tracking has a host of benefits for any business owner who uses vehicles for their daily operations. At a minimum:

  • GPS tracking can help you optimize routes for faster delivery.
  • GPS tracking can help you to lower fuel costs.
  • GPS tracking can help you to track miles and hours driven so you can know when to schedule a checkup and maintenance on your vehicles.

But it offers much more than that.  More specifically, GPS tracking can help you on the busiest delivery days of the year: the holidays.

Anyone in a business involved in deliveries knows that holidays can be a hectic time. Not only are tons of customers ordering last-minute gifts for their friends and loved ones, but loads of people are flooding the highways, trying to get to their holiday destination. As a delivery driver or a business owner, this can make matters even harder in an already challenging time for your business.

How GPS Tracking Can Save You During the Holiday

 Avoid late deliveries

One of the biggest concerns during this busy period of time is being late on your deliveries. Luckily, GPS tracking can help you find the fastest route to your drivers’ delivery locations. GPS fleet tracking finds you the most optimal route, accounting for distance, traffic, and construction, so you can be sure your fleet isn’t in a long line of cars when they could be taking a more direct or less-congested route.

Preventative maintenance

Another problem that can always pop up in a business that involves vehicles is maintenance and breakdowns. The last thing you want to happen during the holidays is for one of your vehicles to break down. Not only does it leave your driver stuck on the side of the road, it means that whatever they were on their way to delivery will certainly be late, and your customers will therefore be dissatisfied, potentially resulting in a loss of business along with the maintenance costs.

GPS fleet tracking tracks miles and hours driven and monitors your fleet, alerting you or your team when a checkup is required and general maintenance should be performed. This means that you will always be ahead of the game, and your vehicles are much less likely to break down or require maintenance on the road.

Improved customer service

Late deliveries, especially around the holidays, results in low customer satisfaction. If you’re better able to make holiday deliveries on time, or better yet, ahead of their scheduled deliveries, you’ll be looked at favorably in your customer’s eyes. Plus, with the capabilities of GPS fleet tracking, you may be able to pinpoint more precisely when your deliveries will be arriving at your customer’s doorstep.

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