7 Ways Auto Dealerships Can Reduce Vehicle Theft

7 Feb 2019

Car theft happens at dealerships far more frequently than anyone cares to admit. In fact, the news is filled with stories about car dealership thefts these days, including the theft of six vehicles from a dealership in Loveland, Colorado and three vehicles stolen from a Youngstown, Ohio dealership. If you own a car dealership, there are things you can do to improve security and reduce your risks of vehicle theft and your odds of recovery if thefts occur.

  1. Light it up at night.

Thieves prefer the cover of darkness to commit their crimes. If you have every corner of your dealership lit up like Christmas, it will make it an unattractive target.

  1. Fence it in.

Another great way to make your dealership a less attractive target is with the physical barrier a fence represents.

  1. Invest in security staff.

Security staff can patrol the ground when you’re not there keeping your cars safe and secure. It’s a small investment to pay to secure your inventory of cars.

  1. Install a high-tech surveillance system.

This adds yet another layer of protection for the vehicles on your lot. Security staff can monitor the cameras to see if there is suspicious activity and the cameras can provide photographic evidence when the time comes to prosecute thieves for their crimes.

  1. Install GPS tracking on your vehicles.

GPS vehicle tracking is one of the most important things you can do to protect the vehicles on your lot. Not only does it provide you with notifications when they leave your lot, but it also provides you with live tracking to help law enforcement recover your stolen vehicles.

  1. Engage in VIN etching.

VIN etching reduces the value of vehicles to potential thieves and makes cars an unattractive proposition for them to steal. Why? Because it reduces their value to potential buyers.

  1. Keep the keys securely locked away.

One of the reasons thieves are so easily able to target car lots for thefts is the easy access to keys. Thieves can have their pick of any car on the lot for the painless process of breaking a window. Lock them away out of sight and make them difficult to access for better results all around.

Little changes in the way you do business can have a huge impact on the security of your car lot. These changes, for instance, can reduce your attractiveness as a target for thieves of all kinds.

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