Avoid Vehicle Puffing This Summer

29 May 2023

Puffing is a common activity for vehicle owners to do in the winter and summer. But it’s a good way to get your vehicle stolen if you decide to partake in it.

What is Vehicle Puffing?

Vehicle puffing is when drivers leave their cars running and unattended to warm up or cool down the interior. This is often done in extreme weather conditions, such as during the winter months when temperatures can drop below freezing, or during the summer when temperatures can soar.

Although puffing is usually thought to be something that is done mostly during the cold winter, especially in the mornings before work, puffing is common during the summer months as well as people want to leave the ac running as they make a quick stop for a errand. While puffing can make getting into a vehicle more comfortable, it can also lead to legal trouble and car theft.

Why is Puffing Illegal in Some States?

In many states, puffing is illegal and can result in a ticket or fine. The reason behind this law is to prevent car theft and reduce idling. Leaving a vehicle running and unattended can be an open invitation to thieves, who may see an opportunity to steal the vehicle. Additionally, puffing can also be harmful to the environment. The carbon emissions from an idling vehicle can contribute to air pollution and climate change.

Puffing is not the same as idling, which is simply allowing your car to run for a period of time while you’re not driving. Puffing on the other hand is idling while your car is unattended. So while all idling is illegal in states like Vermont, in other states like Colorado, puffing is illegal. When it comes to puffing, unnecessary emissions are a concern, but legislatures are generally trying to prioritize reducing car theft.

Car Theft and Puffing

As mentioned earlier, puffing can lead to car theft. Thieves often target puffing vehicles because they know that the owner is not present, making it easier for them to take the car without getting caught. In fact, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), car thefts where key fobs were left unattended inside the vehicle increased by 20% from 2019 to 2021. By the end of 2021, this number had reached 100,000, making up about 11% of all vehicle thefts.

GPS Trackers Can Help Recover Stolen Vehicles

One of the best ways to protect your vehicle from theft is to install a GPS tracker. A GPS tracker is a small device that can be placed in your vehicle, allowing you to track its location in real time. If your car is stolen, you can use the GPS tracker to find out where it is and alert the authorities. GPS trackers are an effective way to prevent car theft, recover a stolen vehicle quickly, and can provide peace of mind for vehicle owners.

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