7 Ways HVAC Companies Benefit from GPS Fleet Tracking

18 Sep 2018

HVAC companies are quite often the best friends of home and business owners in varying degrees of HVAC emergencies. Whether you’re dealing with routine service calls gearing up for the summer or winter months ahead or you’re dealing with emergencies, these are seven ways your HVAC business could benefit by using GPS fleet tracking.

  1. Reduce fueling costs. Wild fluctuations in the costs of fuel have everyone feeling the sting. Businesses, like yours, that are constantly on the road to get the job done, feel it more than most. Every little bit you can save helps and GPS can help you save by notifying you of wasteful practices, planning more fuel efficient routes, and notifying you when drivers deviate from course, adding expenses and improperly using company time.
  2. Encourage better driving.  While poor driving habits can waste an incredible amount of fuel, they can also alienate your potential client base. It’s important that your drivers act as representatives for your business whether they are repairing HVAC systems or on the road to the next job.
  3. Provide accurate appointment windows. GPS fleet tracking can be used to pinpoint scheduling needs more accurately creating happier customers for your HVAC business.
  4. Give instant notification of delays and updates about arrival times. Customers waiting on someone to come in and bring in blessedly cool air in the summer or wonderfully warm air in winter want to know what’s going on. GPS fleet tracking allows you to keep them updated of your progress and if, or when, there are delays so they aren’t left wondering.
  5. Access to accurate billing data. No one likes to feel as though they’ve been cheated or improperly billed. GPS location services offers iron clad proof of your time on a particular jobsite for greater billing transparency.
  6. Ease dispatch burdens for priority calls and emergencies. Some jobs are more urgent than others. For instance, when emergencies occur on the coldest days of winter, it takes priority over routine maintenance. GPS fleet tracking can help you manage the dispatch of these emergencies, when they arise, in a way that minimizes the impact to jobs scheduled for the day.
  7. Motivate technicians to stay on task. One unexpected side effect of GPS fleet tracking is that it encourages your technicians to stay on task, get the job done, and avoid unnecessary delays (or personal errands) between jobs. This means greater efficiency for your HVAC business and less wasted fuel and labor.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to consider that make GPS fleet tracking well worth while for your HVAC company. These are only the beginning.

If you own or manage a HVAC company and are looking to increase efficiencies and decrease costs, give us a call here at LiveViewGPS at 1-888-544-0494 to learn more about how a GPS fleet tracking solution can help.

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