5 Practical Ways to Reduce Fleet Emissions

31 Aug 2017

Emissions are growing concerns for today’s fleet owners as consumers are constantly shifting toward preferences for businesses that operate in a more environmentally friendly capacity. Reducing fleet emissions is not only good for creating cleaner air to breathe, but is also necessary for the sake of the planet. These practical methods will help you reduce your fleet emissions without compromising productivity.

1) Keep Vehicles Properly Maintained

Depending on the number of vehicles in your fleet, it can be tricky providing proper maintenance for all of them. Failing to do so, though, can result in higher emissions, and a shorter span of usefulness for all the vehicles in your fleet. Maintaining your vehicles properly can save your organization a ton of money by reducing accidents, increasing fuel efficiency, and extending the lives of all your vehicles. At the same time, it will allow your vehicle to generate fewer emissions when in operation.

2) Choose Hybrid Vehicles When Possible

Hybrid vehicles produce far fewer emissions than standard gasoline burning vehicles. If hybrid vehicles for your fleet are out of the question consider the option of improving the aerodynamics of your entire fleet so that you are not required to burn as much fuel in the process of going about your daily travels. Burning fewer fossil fuels in your operation can save you money and goes a long way toward helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

3) Enforce Safe Driving Practices

Believe it or not, safe driving is good for the planet too. Creating and enforcing policies that encourage driving the speed limit and the avoidance of aggressive driving behaviors can go a long way toward securing the planet for the future and reducing your emissions. It also happens to reduce the amount of fuel your fleet burns while operating – saving you money in the process.

4) Use GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS fleet tracking can help you plan more efficient routes, monitor driver behavior, schedule maintenance, and more so you can focus on more efficient fleet operations with confidence that your trucks aren’t harming the planet in the process.

5) Consider Investing in Carbon Offsetting

While it is nearly impossible for large-scale trucking fleets to operate in a completely carbon neutral capacity, it is possible to offset the emissions you create daily by investing in carbon offsetting, which works to offset some of the emissions you generate in your business by investing in organizations that do good things for the planet.

These practical steps can help you reduce your carbon emissions while also lowering the carbon footprint your organization leaves behind. Incorporate them today and enjoy huge benefits for your business and for the planet.

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