4 Ways GPS Fleet Tracking Can Cut Fuel Expenses

21 Dec 2022

If you’re a fleet manager, you’re always looking for ways to cut expenses. Regardless of current fuel prices, fuel expenses are always one of the biggest, if not the biggest, expenses to your business. Unfortunately, fuel expenses are avoidable. However, there are ways to reduce fuel expenses and improve your bottom line.

The most effective way to reduce fuel expenses is by outfitting your fleet with GPS trackers. Below, we’ll go over 4 ways GPS fleet tracking can cut fuel expenses.

1)  Optimize routes.

 Having the best and most fuel-efficient route is a major way to reduce fuel expenses. Longer, slower routes eat up more fuel, so if you can find more efficient routes, your vehicles will burn less fuel and your employees will be on the road for less time.

While this may be obvious, you’d be surprised at how many businesses do not take the most fuel-efficient routes. Furthermore, taking time to research the best routes eats up time, and the best route one day can be inaccessible or much slower the next day.

GPS fleet trackers are invaluable when it comes to optimizing routes. They make finding the best route and adapting to any road blocks, weather events, or traffic on the road simple.

2) Improve fleet maintenance monitoring.

 Some fleet managers try to save money by delaying maintenance. Usually, this doesn’t work out in their favor. Small maintenance problems tend to result in more expensive repairs. Plus, it could even result in roadside breakdowns and putting drivers in danger.

Therefore, it’s vital to stay on top of maintenance for every vehicle in the fleet. But this is easier said than done. Things fall through the cracks. Schedules are forgotten about.

In addition, did you know that a well-maintained vehicle is more fuel efficient? Maintaining a truck after a failed emissions test can improve mileage by up to 4%, according to the Department of Energy.

3). Improve driver behavior.

 Driver behavior is another factor that determines fuel efficiency, but it can be a hard one to stay on top of. While drivers are out on the road, we have to trust that they’re driving safely and efficiently.

But with GPS trackers, fleet managers don’t have to hope for the best, they can monitor driver behavior and track things like speed, hard accelerations, hard braking, and more. This gives managers vital data that can help them to address problems related to driver behavior and encourage fuel-efficient driving.

4). Reduce idling.

 Unnecessary idling is another thing that reduces a fleet’s fuel efficiency. Unnecessary idling results in the engine running and eating up gas when it doesn’t need to be. GPS tracking allows you to monitor any prolonged idling and address this problem, saving your business on fuel.

If you need a GPS tracker for your fleet, we have a wide-range of options when it comes to GPS trackers here at LiveViewGPS, so you can find the one that best suits your company’s needs.

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