The PT8200 Mini GPS Personal Tracker With 30 Day Battery Life

14 Mar 2008

Covert GPS Tracker PT8200

Do you have things that are of extreme value to you or your business?  Are you afraid that someone is going to walk away with something that is of tremendous value (such as a child)?  Need to keep track of a new driver?  Well, your worries are over.  There is an exceptional device out there that can help you to keep track of those things that are not easily replaced; the GPS tracker PT8200. 

PT 8200 GPS Tracker

This excellent little device has loads of features that will allow you to keep tabs on anything from cars, to equipment, to even something as precious as your children.  At about the size of a pager, this tracker can be placed just about anywhere you feel that you need it.  This means that you can put it in the pocket of your child’s jacket, on a stroller, in a car or even in equipment that you need for work. 

Here are some of the things that you will get when you purchase the PT8200:
• Extremely rugged, waterproof and portable.  About the size of a pager; so it fits in a lot of small places.
• Able to locate Indoors and Outdoors.  Many other systems do fail when they are asked to find things indoor.  
• Internal Antennas.  Everything is located inside this little device.
• Long Battery life.  On a single charge the battery will last up to 30 days. 

Another thing that sets this tracking device apart from others is the fact that it has so many different uses.  You can use it as your own personal tracking device on packages that you send.  You can use it to keep track of your teenage driver.  You can use it to keep watch over expensive equipment.  You can even use it as a distress signal if you are carrying it with you.  The options are endless. 

The ease at which you will set up this GPS tracking device will amaze you.  In three easy steps, you will be able to track anything.  All you have to do is make sure that the unit is on.  Place the unit on the thing of value that you want to track.  The last step is to login to a web controlled program and you will be able to begin tracking your property immediately.  The really nice thing about this device is that you can set up your own schedule for alerts.  This means that you can choose how often you want the system to alert you and what you want it to alert you for.  Or, you can actually just go on to the program and check the location of the device anytime you want.  The choice is completely up to you. 

The PT8200 is a great inexpensive device that can help you in many ways.  If you own your own business, you can use it to keep track of your expensive equipment whether it is on your property or elsewhere.  You even have the option of tracking important packages as well.  If you are a parent this is a great device to help keep track of your teens that drive or even help ensure the safety and welfare of your little one as they walk home from school. What a better way to help assure peace of mind as a parent.  This device is so versatile that anyone can use it to track just about anything that moves.

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