How GPS Tracking Helps With Private Investigations

13 Nov 2023

Unlike how some TV shows and movies make it out to be, private investigation isn’t easy and it often involves loads of research, canvassing, and surveillance. When it comes down to it, private investigating is no easy feat and people working in the field could generally use as much help as they can get.

GPS tracking is one such tool that has completely transformed the private investigation industry, allowing PIs to gather essential data and information with less legwork and research on their end. Below, we’ll go over how GPS tracking can help with private investigations.


 One of the best uses of GPS tracking for private investigations is for tracking individuals. As an investigator, you can track individuals, their belongings, and equipment with covert GPS trackers, allowing you to watch their movements and get updates on their real-time location. This application of GPS trackers can provide valuable evidence that can help with child custody cases, infidelity, and more.

Hands-Free Surveillance

 Monitoring the targets of the investigation is often a challenge. It can require a lot of legwork and waiting around and can lead to hours of the day wasted waiting for the subject to move. GPS tracking technology cuts down significantly on hours spent physically surveilling a target. Rather than being there yourself, you can gather all the data you need from the comfort of your home or office regarding their whereabouts.

Maintain Anonymity

 One of the challenges that private investigators face is tailing a target or suspect inconspicuously. If you’re following them for days or weeks at a time, it can be difficult to stay under the radar while still keeping tabs on them. And once they notice you following them, things can get a lot more difficult.

With GPS tracking, once you have a tracker on their personal belongings, in their car, or on equipment, you can monitor behind the scenes without worrying about being found out.

Collect Evidence

 Using GPS tracking to monitor an individual’s movements and locations makes logging evidence easy. In a court of law, you can present the evidence gained from the GPS tracker to prove they visited certain locations.

Note on Legality

 In most states, licensed PIs are allowed to put a GPS tracker on somebody else’s individual, as long as they have a good reason to do so. But this is not the case everywhere, so in other states you may need to obtain legal consent before you do so.

Best GPS Trackers for Private Investigators:

Covert GPS Tracker PT8100: Perfect for covert vehicle and asset tracking.

Flash Asset Tracker Equipment: Great for monitoring equipment.

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