Can a GPS Tracking Device be Hidden on a Car?

2 Aug 2023

You’ve seen it in the movies and on your favorite TV show, a suspicious partner or detective plants a GPS tracking device on a vehicle to learn more about their target and what they’re really up to. The important thing in this scenario is that the person being tracked can’t know about it or their cover will be blown. But what about in real life, is it possible and affordable?

The short answer is yes. You can certainly hide a GPS tracking device on a car without the driver knowing. In fact, there are many ways to do so.

Why Do People Hide GPS Tracking Devices in Cars?

Worried parents might do it to keep track of their new teen drivers. And if the teen driver knew about it, then they might turn it off or ditch it somewhere. Keeping the GPS tracking device hidden allows parents to monitor their kid’s location and driving behavior all from home and can allow them to get some peace of mind when their child is out.

People even do it for themselves in order to protect their assets and aid in vehicle recovery. If you’ve got a clear GPS tracking device in a vehicle that was stolen, you can bet that the thief will probably find it and throw it out. But if the device is hidden, then you getting your car returned is that much easier.

Hidden GPS tracking devices are also sometimes used in fleet tracking so managers can monitor driver activity and behavior behind the scenes.

The reasons to hide a GPS tracking device in a car are practically endless and we’re not here to lay out the rest of the spicy scenarios that might require such action on your end. What you need to know is how to do it and what devices to use.

What GPS Device Should I Use?

If you want to hide a GPS tracker in your vehicle, you can’t use just any device. What you need is a covert GPS tracker. Covert GPS trackers are built for this purpose and can be hidden in various spots within the vehicle where the chances of being discovered are slim to none.

The LiveViewGPS PT-8100 LTE is the perfect device for the job. This tracker is small and slim so it’s easy to hide. Plus, completely wireless so it can be hidden just about anywhere. When moving, this device updates the location every 10 seconds and sleeps when stopped in order to conserve battery. Once this covert device detects movements again, it wakes up and continues updating the user.


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