GPS Tracking for Cars: Features to Look For

1 May 2024

GPS isn’t just for daily navigation. GPS tracking devices for cars can provide additional benefits that the maps app on your phone just can’t match.

Some of the advantages of GPS tracking devices for cars include the following:

  • Vehicle recovery: Simply contact the authorities if your vehicle is stolen and they can follow the real-time location to easily get your car back to you.
  • Liability: GPS tracking devices can monitor driving behavior like harsh braking, speed, acceleration, and other important driving data. If you get into an accident on the road, this data can prove crucial to determining fault.
  • Monitor driver behavior: You can ensure drivers are taking care and driving safely.
  • Real-time location: Allows you to see where your vehicle is at all times.
  • Real-time updates: With GPS tracking, you can get real-time updates on road and weather conditions, allowing you to always choose the fastest route to your destination.
  • Maintenance reminders: Keeping track of maintenance schedules is a pain and its easy to forget. With a GPS tracking device, you can get alerts whenever your car is due for a checkup or regular maintenance.

The advantages of GPS tracking for your car are clear, but there are a lot of options out there. How do you know which GPS tracking device to get and what features do you need?

The Best GPS Tracking Features for Cars

Live and Real-Time GPS Tracking: To get the most out of your car GPS tracking device, you need a real-time GPS tracking device. This means a GPS tracker that is continuously updating the user of the location at any given time. For example, LiveViewGPS sends updates as often as every 5 seconds so users can get an accurate vehicle location at all times.

Phone Compatibility: While not completely necessary, it is very convenient to have a GPS tracking device that is compatible with your smartphone. Remember that a GPS app on your phone is not the same—not only will it quickly drain your battery, but it can be easily shut off and you need to have it in the car at all times for it to work.

Long Battery Life: Your GPS tracker should have a long battery life. Otherwise, you’ll often need to charge it or risk it dying. You can also choose GPS trackers called “plug and play” that plug directly into your car and will be charged by your car’s battery.

Geofencing and alerts: A geofence is a virtual boundary that you can set up for your GPS tracker. When your device (and your vehicle) pass through the boundary you’ve set, you’ll receive an alert. This can be used to notify you of vehicle theft or to let you know if your child is going somewhere they shouldn’t be.

Other alerts: These include maintenance alerts, accident alerts, and driving behavior alerts like harsh braking or high speeds.

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