Can You Secretly Track a Car?

28 Sep 2022

There are a number of reasons an individual might want to secretly track a vehicle. You could have an unruly child, an unfaithful spouse, or you could be a private detective or law enforcement officer. Or perhaps your a business owner that rents vehicles and would prefer your customers don’t know that they’re being tracked. Another big reason for secretly tracking a vehicle is for theft protection. If you have an obvious GPS tracker installed in the vehicle, the thief could easily get rid of it and speed off with your vehicle.

The reasons for wanting to secretly track a car are practically endless. In this article, we’ll go over how you can secretly track a car.

Covert GPS Trackers

 If you want to secretly track a vehicle, then you need a covert GPS tracker, like the PT8100. This is a real-time portable battery powered GPS tracker than can be hidden practically anywhere in the vehicle to give you the real-time location of the vehicle. It is designed to sleep when the vehicle isn’t moving and wakes back up once it senses movement in order to conserve battery power. If you’ve ever seen private detective shows or Breaking Bad, you’ve probably seen these devices covertly placed inside or outside a vehicle.

Also, this covert GPS tracker is very compact with an internal antenna that makes it easy to hide. It will provide you with 24/7 web access to your data and real-time GPS tracking capabilities.

One great reason to consider using a covert GPS tracker is to ensure that employees in your vehicle fleet are sticking to their routes and not making personal stops. It can monitor both delivery times and routes for your fleet vehicles.

Plug and Play

 Plug and play GPS trackers are another option for secretly tracking cars. These devices are plugged into the vehicle and charged by the cars battery so you don’t need to remove them to charge. They plug into the onboard diagnostics system (OBD-II port). If you want to covertly place the GPS tracker, you can plug the GPS tracker into the dashboard.


Hard-wired GPS trackers are connected directly to the vehicle’s electrical system. Like plug and play devices, you can covertly plug in a hard-wired GPS tracker into the dashboard to conceal it. Other options include installing it in the bumper, underneath the vehicle, or under the brake light cover.

If you’re looking to track a car secretly, take a good look at the Covert GPS Tracker PT8100. Not only does it provide real-time GPS tracking for just about anything, but you can track the device using with direct web access 24/7.

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