Technological Advances for Modern School Buses

8 Nov 2018

Technology is changing the world at a rapid pace. This includes the way modern school buses operate. These technological advances save school districts money, improve safety for all students on buses, and to allow students to study during the daily commute to and from school. These are some of the technological advances for modern school buses your school district may wish to consider.

Cameras (Inside and Outside)

Cameras pointed in and out of buses help to keep drivers and students on the straight and narrow. They also record events when accidents occur to help with investigations.

Cameras also help to prevent unthinkable accidents by requiring drivers to do one last pass through the entire bus to ensure all students are off the bus and that none are locked in hot or cold buses unattended throughout the school day or overnight.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Real-time GPS fleet tracking can be instrumental in monitoring school bus safety. Not only does it record speeds bus drivers are driving at all times but can be set up to send instant alerts for certain types of behaviors, so you know exactly what’s going on with your drivers.

If accidents occur, you’ll have precise GPS coordinates to call for assistance and your drivers can get turn by turn directions when driving students for field trips, band trips, athletics excursions, and more. Combine that with the ability to plan more efficient routes and you have an environmentally-friendly, money-saving machine for today’s school buses.

Parents can even get peace of mind on rainy, windy, cold, or snowy days by following the GPS location of buses to know when to expect their children home from school as well. Plus, GPS can also reveal exactly when the bus should arrive to pick students up, so they can make sure they get their children to the bus on time each morning.

Another area where GPS tracking is beneficial for school buses is when it comes to maintenance. GPS can be used to schedule routine maintenance for school buses to keep them running in tip-top shape, preventing accidents and breakdowns.

Student RFID Cards

These cards notify parents, school administrators, and bus drivers when students getting on and off buses. This provides infinite peace of mind for parents concerned about kids missing the bus, skipping schools, etc. It is also one “checks and balances” tool to ensure that no children are accidentally left on the school bus. It also helps to inform parents that students got off the bus at the right stop as well.

Student Wi-Fi

With students taking buses to and from school each day, the after-school commute can be quite long for some students. Wi-Fi on buses allows students to use this time wisely to prepare for tests, look over lessons, and to get started on homework assignments.

The Wi-Fi designed for school buses is appropriately filtered to provide safe surfing experiences for children on buses, so parents and school administrators can be confident when allowing students to utilize this service that it will be for academic pursuits and not sheer entertainment.

Technology for school buses has a lot to offer school districts willing to embrace it. So much, in fact, that it might just pay for itself over time. These are a few prime examples of the types of technologies you might want to bring into your school buses.

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