GPS Tracking for Driver Education Schools

4 Sep 2023

If you own or manage a driver education school, you’ve got a lot to keep up with. You have to organize and manage multiple driving instructors, stay on top of in-person classes, keep track of student progress, and monitor driver training vehicles.

Staying on top of everything can be overwhelming, but GPS tracking systems make the process so much easier. With GPS tracking software, you won’t have to worry about missing maintenance schedules, monitoring vehicles, or liability issues.

Below, we’ll go into detail about how GPS tracking can benefit driver education schools.

Log Trips

GPS tracking systems can help managers log driver training trips. You can easily keep track of scheduling and previous trips and have a better idea of when drivers will be ready to pick up a new student.

Real-Time Location Monitoring

With GPS tracking solutions, owners and managers can know where their students and drivers are at all times. In the case of an emergency, medical personnel can be immediately notified and sent to their exact location.

Also, GPS tracking can help managers know if their drivers are staying on their designated routes.

Track Reckless Driving and Increase Safety

GPS tracking systems can also send alerts when hard braking and fast acceleration is used in a vehicle. This can simultaneously track whether any students are driving recklessly and alert you if there’s an accident or injury.

Decrease Liability

GPS tracking logs important driver data like speed, fast braking and acceleration, and real-time location. So if there is an accident and a student or their family tries to sue the school, you can provide them with real-time data that will protect your business from unfair lawsuits.

Track Driver Behavior

Because GPS tracking systems are providing you with data related to speed, braking, and acceleration, you can use this as a metric to measure driver behavior. Driver Education schools can then use this data to rank their students to turn it into a friendly competition.

Track Maintenance Schedules

If you own a fleet of vehicles for your driver’s education school, you know that staying on top of maintenance schedules is vital. But when you’re keeping track of several vehicles, it’s easy to let things fall through the cracks.

GPS tracking can monitor miles driven and vehicle maintenance schedules and alert you before their due so you never miss a checkup, oil change, or tire rotation.

Live View GPS

GPS tracking systems have even more benefits than the ones we’ve listed here. Outfitting your driver’s education school with GPS trackers will immediately improve your business, boost safety, and make management much easier.

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