5 Ways School Districts Benefit from GPS Tracking

31 Aug 2016

school bus gps tracking

As emerging technology becomes popular, parents can now ensure their children’s security and safety with GPS tracking to and from school. GPS tracking devices are now being installed on school buses to help keep your children safe.

There are many benefits of GPS fleet tracking for school districts with five of them including:

  1. Driver Monitoring

School districts are now able to monitor the performance of bus drivers through GPS tracking by receiving notifications that report alerts, such as sudden braking, dangerous cornering, or speeding violations. This data can be used to better train and counsel drivers who are not driving safely.

  1. Reduce Fuel Costs

Since the driving and routes of bus drivers are now being monitored, not only are the passengers kept safe, but it saves on fuel costs as well. Now, school authorities have the ability to map out less congested areas for smoother and more efficient driving.

  1. Ensure Children are Being Dropped off at their Respective Stops

It’s not uncommon for a child to be dropped off at a wrong stop. Things like bad weather or rerouting which causes confusion can lead to this. With GPS tracking, bus drivers will be notified ahead of time of any weather issues and become more familiar with their routes.

  1. Protect Children from Being Abducted

Since there has been an increase in missing children, it will benefit both the parents and school officials to utilize GPS technology. Tracking devices can alert you if a child got on their assigned bus as well as if they got off. Parents are reassured that their children did indeed get on their bus and can help law enforcement officials if your child wasn’t where they were supposed to be.

  1. Child Safety

Schools now know exactly where the buses are at all times through tracking technology. GPS tracking can help schools manage the estimated time of arrival and alert them when doors are being opened and when the buses are stopping at stop signs which maximizes your child’s safety during their route home.

It is the responsibility of schools to ensure your child’s safety when they are under their care which starts the moment your child leaves home go to school until they are dropped off at their bus stop. GPS tracking can help ensure all safety protocols are being followed so you can have peace of mind while your child is at school.

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