7 Benefits of GPS Tracking for School Bus Fleets

11 Aug 2016

School bus companies have one of the most important jobs and biggest responsibilities. They are responsible for transporting children safely back and forth to school. They are also responsible for updating parents about any delays that may prevent their children from returning home on time.

GPS fleet tracking for school buses can help to improve safety measures and provide parents, educators, and school bus drivers with increased peace of mind.

  1. Increased Child Safety – GPS tracking keeps track of school buses in real time, notifying parents of the specific arrival times. This reduces the amount of time children have to wait for buses to arrive, minimizes their exposure to inclement weather, and various other dangers they can be exposed to while waiting for a school bus to arrive. GPS tracking devices also notify fleet managers when bus drivers engage in unsafe behavior, such as reckless driving and entering no-go zones.
  2. Parental Monitoring of School Buses Arrivals and Departures – Sending children on a bus can be a source for anxiety for parents. GPS tracking devices can help to eliminate this anxiety by allowing parents to keep a watchful eye on the arrival and departure of their child’s school bus. By knowing the arrival and departure times of their child’s school bus, parents can have increased peace of mind.
  3. Bus Monitoring Maintenance – Fleet managers are able to improve the maintenance practices of school buses when the vehicles are outfitted with GPS tracking devices. These devices notify managers when scheduled maintenance is needed, which minimizes downtime and costly breakdowns. When buses do need maintenance, fleet managers will be able to accurately schedule replacement buses.
  4. Track Bus Fuel Costs – By keeping track of mileage and the routes that drivers take, school bus fleet managers can track and better manage fuel costs. Managers can ensure drivers are efficiently driving their buses, that they are observing speed limits and that they are staying on their scheduled routes.
  5. Track Bus Driver Driving Behaviors – Manager will be able to keep tabs on the behavior of their drivers with GPS fleet tracking. These devices keep track of driving patterns and behaviors, like hard braking, unnecessary idling and speeding. This not only reduces costs, but it also improves passenger safety.
  6. Improve Ecological Accountability – With GPS tracking devices, routes can be better optimized and engine idling can be minimized. Both of these things reduce the impact buses have on the environment by lowering the amount of emissions they put out into the atmosphere.
  7. Improved Scheduling for Schools – By knowing exactly when school buses will arrive and depart, school administrators and teachers can create better and more effective schedules for their students. This allows for better time management and more fluidity of the school day.

Take advantage of these benefits by installing GPS tracking technology on your school bus fleet as soon as possible. Call us here at LiveView GPS at 1-888-544-0494 to learn more and a free demo.

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