Teen Driver Insurance Discounts

13 Jul 2022

Your teen finally getting their driver’s license is a big change. They now have more freedom and rely less on parents and other family members to drive them. However, adding your teen to your car insurance plan makes the monthly premium immediately increase.

Teens are considered high-risk drivers, which shouldn’t be too much of a surprise; however, the increase in insurance premiums can still be an unwelcome shock. Luckily, there are some ways to get a discount on car insurance when adding your new teen driver to the policy. In this blog post, we will discuss teen driver insurance discount options.

Driver’s Education Courses

 Not all states require new drivers to take driver’s education classes; however, it is a great idea to put them through the classes regardless. Taking classes will further familiarize them with the rules of driving, safe practices, and make them overall a safer driver while on the road. Plus, insurance companies recognize the usefulness of driver’s ed and some of them will give discounts to teens who complete driver’s ed.

Good Grades

 Did you know getting good grades can affect your insurance premium? Many insurance companies believe that students who do well in school, usually a B or above, show that they can easily learn and follow the rules of the road, resulting in a subsequent discount for these students.

Buy Used Cars with High Safety Ratings

 Older used vehicles with high safety ratings are cheaper and easier to repair, plus they keep all passengers safer in the case of an accident. The result is lower insurance rates. However, make sure you talk to your insurance agent before purchasing a vehicle because some insurance companies prefer newer cars over older ones.

Go Green

 If you are looking to buy a new car anyway, you may want to consider buying a fuel-efficient car like a hybrid or electric vehicle. Some insurance companies offer discounts to owners of fuel-efficient cars, which will save you money on insurance payments, gas, and maintenance costs.

Keep a Clean Driving Record

 Good drivers with a clean record are seen as lower risk than drivers with a bad record. Therefore, if your teen keeps a clean record, then your insurance rates should decrease over time. Make sure your teen understands the importance of keeping a good driving record, both for the sake of their safety and your wallet.

Use GPS Tracking for Teens

 Using a GPS tracking in your teen’s vehicle may help to lower your insurance premium. GPS trackers can pinpoint a driver’s location, speed, acceleration, and braking wherever they are, also you can set up a geofence boundary and be notified if they leave it. So while your teen is starting out you can monitor their location and driving behavior. Also, GPS trackers can monitor the maintenance schedule of the vehicle and notify you when scheduled maintenance is needed, lowering the risk of the car breaking down on the road.


Plus, using a GPS tracker will give you more peace of mind as you begin to get used to your teen going out by themself, and if anything does happen, you’ll be notified immediately.

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