RV Sales Take Off During Pandemic

10 Feb 2021

As far as growth markets go, the RV sales market is smoking hot as the pandemic rages on. As many industries suffered as the virus made its unwelcome moves throughout our country, the RV industry blossomed. People want to travel. But, they want to do it safely. That means they are wary of flying, and not all that interested in hotels, AirBNB rentals, or condos. As a result, RV sales are on the rise.

Just look at these statistics:

The bottom line is that people are looking to get out of the cities, explore nature, and travel with all the creature comforts of home. RVs provide the perfect opportunity.

Protecting RVs During the Pandemic

If you’re one of the millions of new RV owners in 2020 and 2021, you want to do everything you can to protect your RV. That includes the obvious things, like getting insurance and keeping it nice and clean on the inside and out.

It also includes a few things that are not-so-obvious. One of those things is by investing in GPS tracking for RVs to protect your shiny new home-on-the-go.

Whether your goal is to escape the rat race for a weekend in the woods, flee the city until the coast is clear, or simply to get a change of scenery for those living in states that remain mostly locked down, an RV is an excellent choice. GPS tracking can help you make sure your RV doesn’t get away from you.

Benefits of GPS Tracking for RVs

These are a few ways you can use GPS to help protect your RV and keep friends and family safe throughout the pandemic and beyond.

  • Planning your route. As you explore this great nation and beyond, GPS tracking for RVs can help you plan routes to your destinations according to your preferences. For instance, are you looking for the fastest route or the most-fuel efficient route to get to your destination the quickest. Perhaps you’re more interested in the most scenic route. Either way, GPS tracking can help you plan the route of your dreams.
  • Theft deterrence. Many RVs get stolen because of opportunity. The thieves often look for an easy score offering low risk. GPS tracking in RVs instantly increases the risks to those who would steal them making them a less convenient target.
  • Recovery of theft. In the event that your RV is stolen, GPS tracking makes it easier for local law enforcement to quickly locate and recover the RV. Speed is of the essence in things like automobile and RV theft. The faster the police are able to locate and recover the RV, the better the odds are that it will happen before damage is done to the vehicle.
  • Provide accurate locations and tracking during emergencies. We forget sometimes that the pandemic isn’t the only emergency that takes place every day. Sometimes, emergencies happen. With RVs, you can experience routine medical emergencies, auto accidents, and more. Because you may be traveling in unfamiliar territory or off the beaten path, GPS tracking can be instrumental in ensuring help arrives swiftly.
  • Log and share travel memories. GPS tracking enables you to share your journey with those who can’t go with you. In a time where travel is restricted, lockdowns are in place, and time spent with friends and family members is few and far between, you can provide a real-time account of your living travels. Whether it’s grandparents residing in retirement or assisted living communities, friends who couldn’t make the journey with you, or extended family you’re on the way to see, let others experience your journey by sharing your GPS coordinates along the way.
  • Always find your way home. Some people plan trips in excruciating detail. Other’s let the road guide them along their path. With GPS tracking, you’re never lost. If the road takes you a little out of the way, you can use GPS tracking to help you find your way home.

Not sure if GPS tracking for RVs is the right move for you? Talk to the knowledgeable team at Live View GPS today to learn the many reasons you need GPS tracking for your RV.

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