GPS Tracking for RVs

13 Feb 2017

Traveling around the countryside in an RV is a great way to enjoy time with your family and to see the country. Many people spend their summers traveling from one side of the country to the next – exploring campgrounds, National Parks, and beautiful beaches along the way. What you may not know is that GPS tracking for your RV has a lot to offer – enough to make it well worth the investment.

Planning Your Route

GPS tracking for RVs can help you plan routes to your destinations according to your preferences. You can use them to choose the most scenic routes, the fastest routes, or even the most fuel-efficient routes so that you have more money to spend once you reach your destination rather than on the road.

Theft Deterrent

Prevention is almost always the best cure. Most people who steal RVs are thieves of opportunity and not criminal masterminds. They’re looking for an easy score that offers low risk. GPS tracking in RVs instantly increases the risks to those who would steal them making them a less convenient target.

Recovery of Theft

In the event that your RV is stolen, GPS tracking makes it easier for local law enforcement to quickly recover the RV. Speed is of the essence in things like vehicle and RV theft. The faster the police are able to locate and recover the RV, the better the odds are that it will happen before damage is done to the vehicle.

Log Travel Memories

Share your journey with those who can’t go with you. Whether it’s grandparents residing in retirement or assisted living communities, friends who couldn’t make the journey with you, or extended family you’re on the way to see, let others experience your journey by sharing your GPS coordinates along the way.

Set Up Perimeter Alerts

These alerts notify you any time the RV travels outside of a perimeter you establish. This is especially helpful when you’re not using your RV. You may go days or weeks without visiting your RV – especially if you have it set up in a semi-permanent RV camp. If your RV is stolen during that time you may never find it. However, if you have GPS boundaries in place, you will be notified the instant your RV is outside of those boundaries so you can effectively track its live movements to notify the authorities.

GPS tracking for RVs can be one of the most beneficial investments you make whether you are traveling the open road or have other plans for your RV.  Talk to us here at LiveView GPS today to learn more.

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