Protect Your Child With A PT8100 Tracking Device

17 Mar 2008

Using the PT8100 to Monitor Your Child

According to the FBI, a child goes missing every 40 seconds.  This means that by the time you get through reading this, one or more children will be abducted.  While this is a very scary fact, and you probably want to lock your family up so that they are completely safe, this is not a practical solution.  There is something that you can do to protect your family from this; purchase a PT8100 GPS tracking device. 

Now you are probably wondering what a GPS tracking device can do to help protect your children.  The PT8100 is one of the smallest GPS tracking devices.  In fact, it is so small that it can easily be placed in a child’s backpack, in the pocket of a jacket or even attached to a stroller without anyone being the wiser. 

So just how does this technology work?  By placing the transmitter on the child and going to a web controlled site, you can be alerted when your child is not where they are supposed to be.  It is a quick and easy set up that works upon taking it out of its box.  This great little device is unlike any other out on the market today as it will allow you to monitor exactly where your child is whether they are indoors or outdoors.  The systems works on the same signal as a cell phone does.  This means that it has a signal virtually all the time no matter where your child is located. 

So exactly why do you need a PT8100 if you have children?  Well, the best reason is for peace of mind.  You will always know where your child is 24/7.   It has happened to every parent out there, you turn around for a quick second and your child has wandered off.  With the PT8100, your worries are ended rather quickly.  You will be able to locate your child in a matter of seconds.  If you have school aged children and worry about their walk or ride home from school every day, with the PT8100, your uncertainties can be put at ease.  You can monitor your child wherever they are. Another thing that you can do is to keep track of a baby sitter or a nanny.  What a better way to keep track of your nanny or baby sitter.  They don’t have to know that you have placed a tracking device on the child or in the child’s belongings.  You can monitor where your baby sitter or nanny is taking your child while you are not around. 

If you are a parent and are looking for ways to protect your child, then purchasing the PT8100 is a definite must.  Not only is it inexpensive and easy to use, but you will enjoy the peace of mind of knowing exactly where your child is at any given time of the day. 

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