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Best Of Class GPS Tracker

Real-Time Portable Battery Powered GPS Tracker PT-8100 LTE

The LiveViewGPS PT-8100 LTE is a small, compact general purpose wireless GPS tracker specifically designed to meet the needs of business owners and consumers looking for a reliable and economical GPS tracker solution.

The PT-8100 LTE is programmed to update its location every 10 seconds when moving. When stopped the device goes to sleep to conserve battery. One the PT-8100 LTE detect movement, it wakes and will begin tracking every 10 seconds.

The PT-8100 LTE has a monthly subscription, and the cost is $29.95 per month for unlimited use. There are no contracts, service is billed month-to-month, and you can turn the service off at any time.

Personal Tracking

The LiveViewGPS PT-8100 can be used to track just about anything that moves.

The PT-8100 LTE can be used for:

  • Covert Tracking
  • Asset/Package Tracking
  • For Business Assets & Personal Family Use

Features & Benefits:

  • Real-Time GPS Tracking
  • 24/7 Direct Web Access To Your Data
  • Updates Location On Motion Start/Stop & Every 10 seconds When Moving
  • Alerts: Motion, Low Battery, Zones, SOS Panic, Power On/Off.
  • Compact Form Factor -Great For Covert Use
  • Internal Antenna - Self Contained Unit

Easy To Use Web Based Tracking Portal

What makes us different? Our web-based system is very intuitive and easy to use. It is extremely user-friendly and feature packed. Allowing you to do such things as viewing real-time and historical locations, setting a multitude of different alerts, getting location-based reports and much more. Free iPhone & Android apps are also included for your use at no additional charge.

Please call us, at 661-294-6805, if you would like to see what you would be using compared to other systems in the market.

The LiveViewGPS PT-8100 can be used to track just about anything that moves.

What You Will Receive:

  • PT-8100 LTE Tracking Device
  • Charging Cable
  • 120 VAC Wall Charger
  • 1 Year Warranty Coverage On The Device
  • Full Technical Support

Tracking Platform: Live Trac

The PT-8100 series GPS trackers from LiveViewGPS are powered on the Live Trac Platform.

Live Trac Platform

Whether you are using the PT-8100 for for professional or personal use, this is the easiest most advanced GPS tracker and system you will ever use. 

View Live Trac System Demo

Live Trac Platform

Unlike other trackers that update in minutes, Live Trac gps trackers update in near real time, giving you the insight you need in 10 seconds or less.

Business Use

Increase employee productivity, curtail waste, effectively monitor and verify labor costs, reduce fuel consumption, stop unauthorized use of company vehicles and improve customer service.

Surveillance & Security

Live Covert tracking for the surveillance expert, executive tracking for the security professional.

Personal Use

Teen and elderly drivers, monitor family members.

Live Trac Hardwired

Live Trac hardwired devices are connected to and are powered by your vehicle's power.

Live Trac Portable

PT-8100 series of portable battery powered gps trackers, available in several different battery configurations.

Live Trac Features:

  • Truly Live Updates - 10 seconds standard
  • From $1 Per Day Per Vehicle
  • Pinpoint Accurate Position Updates
  • Unlimited Alerts (email and text)
  • High Definition Historical Playback
  • Mapping with Google Satellite & Street View Maps
  • Advanced Vehicle/Equipment Maintenance Module
  • Live Public View Map Embed - On Any Website!
  • Data Retention: 90 days Standard, 12 months available
  • Live NOAA weather Overlay
  • Easy Device Management - Grouping
  • Ignition on/off Alerts
  • Route Deviation Alerts
  • Access Mobile or Desktop
  • iOS and Android App Available
  • Speed Gauge Integration Available (posted speed reporting)
  • APIs available to qualified businesses
Test Drive

Test Drive

Call Us Today, No Risk, No Obligation Software Test Drive.

Location/Historical Playback Feature

10 second updates standard
View one, all or groups of vehicles on Google Satellite Map
Historical Route Playback
90 day standard data retention, 12 months available on request

Never Miss A Location/Stop or Event
View all locations where PT has traveled know length of stops

Map Features

Satellite View/Map View/Hybrid View/Street View
Live NOAA Weather Overlay

Pinpoint Accurate PT-8100 Locations
See exactly where PT has stopped with Google Street View

Device Management

View and Edit Devices By Groups/Regions
Driver Editor - Assign Drivers to Vehicles

Organizing and grouping vehicles is a breeze

Alert Notification

Low Battery Alert
SMS & Email Alerts to one or multiple recipients
Geo Fence Alert - Poly-Fence/Radius. Vehicles enters and/or exits a specific area
Power Alerts
Route Deviation Alert
Speed Alerts - Vehicle exceeds a specified speed threshold

Historical Playback Feature

90 day playback history, up to 1 year available on request.

Benefit:Since data is collected every 10 seconds, you get a true picture of the vehicle's activity and can play it back at anytime.

Embed Map Public View Feature

Need many people to view your location? We can enable our public view feature, which allows you to view your devices without username/password requirements.

Benefits:Easily share the location of your vehicles publicly. Used by companies running shuttles, food trucks, delivery vehicles, etc.

(Customization of the Embed Map system is also available. i.e. You want to show a publicly viewable map with your company vehicles and Logo displayed on the map.)

System Access Features

Any Web Enabled Computer
Any Internet Connected Smartphone
Optional Iphone Android Application available

iOS app uses Apple maps, while the Android app uses Google maps. The apps are provided as a value add for our customers with features such as team surveillance, which allows each app user to show their location on the application map screen so that other team members can see their location.

API Access:

Robust GPS Tracking Rest API allows retrieval of all vehicle data programmatically.

Available Custom Programming:

Custom reporting is also available for a nominal fee which covers the cost of our programmers to create the report.

Benefits:We can take your GPS data and create a report custom tailored to your needs.

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