A fleet manager’s job can be challenging since you have to keep up with your moving fleet. In order to effectively implement this task, you’ll need tools like GPS tracking to provide you with optimum monitoring ability. GPS fleet tracking solutions that come with distinct telematics offer you alerts, customized reports and live viewing so you can easily get immediate feedback.

Bad driving habits can get costly. Driving behaviors like idling, speeding, harsh braking, harsh cornering and hard acceleration can waste fuel and likely cost you money in traffic tickets as well. Furthermore, when your drivers get into a serious accident, there is the risk of liability that comes with stiff penalties.

A first step to improve the driving behaviors of your fleet drivers is to establish safety rules and measure them.  After you’ve established the safety rules, it can be tricky figuring out how to enforce them effectively.

Driver reports through GPS tracking can help measure safety. They measure how your drivers are performing according to the safety policy of your fleet company. Then you can determine which drivers require additional training. Remember, “You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure“.

Below are ways you can improve driver behavior with GPS fleet tracking reports. 

Aggressive Driving Reports

Your drivers don’t have to necessarily be speeding to drive unsafely. With aggressive driving, it can cause a dangerous situation for both your drivers and your company. GPS tracking technology can alert you of any sudden decreases or increases in speed which typically indicates your driver is driving aggressively. 

Zone Activity Reports

As your fleet drivers are coming in and exiting designated geofenced locations, you receive information on when and where it happened through the zone activity report. When clicking on the GPS tracking report, lists will be displayed with details all your zones and devices. 

Speeding Reports

The speeding report shows you all speed alerts that were triggered. Just set the alert up in the alerts menu to see the report data. To see only speeding incidents, go to “speeding report”. 

Excessive Idling Reports

If your drivers are idling excessively, this wastes fuel and will cost your fleet business money. The excessive idling report through the GPS tracking technology provides you with data on all vehicle idling incidents that are longer than a minimum specified time you designate.

Reliable and safe drivers are important to your fleet company. The implementation of GPS tracking will make your job much easier and you’ll start to see the positive difference in your driver’s driving behavior because of it. And, good driving behavior will help improve your business practices.

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You’ve probably heard by now that GPS tracking offers many potential benefits to businesses and individuals alike. Depending on your needs, the decision you must make is whether active or passive GPS tracking is the best choice for you. Understanding a few key details can help you make the right decision to protect your investments, your people (family or employees), and your interests. This is what you need to know.

Active GPS or Passive GPS – What’s the Difference?

Both active and passive GPS systems record important data about movements, speed, stops, and starts. The difference is that with active GPS tracking you can monitor these events in real time – or as they occur – because the information is transmitted continuously.

With passive GPS tracking the information is stored in the device and must be retrieved manually after the fact. It works very much like the flight recorders used to determine what happened in airplane crashes. The devices must be retrieved in order to obtain the information stored on them.

Pros and Cons of Active GPS Tracking

Active GPS tracking offers many impressive benefits – especially to people who own fleets or are attempting to protect investments in expensive equipment, machinery, vehicles, or cargo. Active GPS allows you to set up alerts that notify you instantly if the tracked item is moved outside of certain hours, goes beyond certain boundaries, deviates from the assigned routes, is driven at excessive speeds (or recklessly), and for other designated reasons. This allows you to be warned quickly if your possessions, business equipment, etc. is being moved when you’re not prepared. It also allows business owners to keep better tabs on workers who spend the bulk of their time out of the office and provides the means for faster response times during emergencies.

These benefits come at a higher price for initial installation and higher network costs. They are also dependent upon networks operating efficiently to ensure the right information gets to the right places.

Pros and Cons of Passive GPS Tracking

Passive GPS tracking doesn’t have the real-time tracking capabilities that active GPS offers, but it does allow you to monitor the same information, after the fact, at a much lower initial and ongoing price for your business. They are ideal for smaller fleets with smaller budgets and can help promote employee compliance because employees know you have access to the exact routes they’ve taken, speeds they’ve travelled, and more.

The real key is to determine your budget and choose the right GPS tracking system to meet the needs of your business, protect your investment, and promote safety and accountability for everyone – that will work within your budget.

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Finding the perfect gift for friends and family can be difficult in the best of times. When the holidays and special occasions roll around, the temptation might be to go to the standard gift card, but these great gifts for car lovers will make you hero of the day for finding the perfect gift that’s in tune with what your car fans love most.

WeatherTech Liners

WeatherTech offers innovative protection products for vehicles. From floor and truck liners that are measured to the precise make, model, and vehicle year; to seat protectors, window deflectors, bug deflectors, and more, WeatherTech offers the perfect solution for car and truck lovers everywhere.

Complete Car Care Kits

For those who love nothing more than to polish and shine their pride and joy, it’s hard to go wrong with a full-service car care kit that offers everything a driver needs to keep the interior and exterior of the car bright, shiny, and looking new.

A NASCAR Experience

NASCAR racing is one of the more popular racing sports in the United States – watched and loved by speedsters from all walks of life. Many U.S. raceways offer NASCAR Experience events where you can pay for your loved one to actually get behind the wheel of a racing car and drive on some of the top tracks in the country.

GPS Tracking Device

Giving the gift of an actual GPS tracking device allows your loved one to use the device to protect his or her favorite car from theft, track his or her travel adventures, or receive instant notification if the car is used during designated “sleep” hours or leaves certain boundaries you’ve identified. A fully-functional GPS tracking system can also provide turn by turn directions, accident re-routing, and other invaluable tools to assist with navigating around town and on longer road trips.

Remote Car Starter

No matter how much someone loves his or her car, going out in below freezing weather to get the car started is an unnecessary pain when you give the gift of a remote car starter. This system allows drivers to start their cars so they can be warming up (and windows defrosting) while the drivers are safe and warm inside their homes.

Car Detailing Gift Certificate

While you can opt to provide a complete car care kit where your car lover can wash, polish and shine his or her own car, you can also purchase a gift certificate to a local car detailing shop, where experts will renew and refresh the vehicle.

Any one of these gifts is sure to receive appreciation from your car loving friends and family. Give more than one to enjoy even greater adulation from the ones you care about – or gift some of these amazing items for car lovers to yourself.

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