Awning installation companies have big jobs to manage. Many of them during an afternoon, or even part of one. If you’re operating a fleet of awning installers or only have one or two trucks on the road handling installation responsibilities, you are sure to love the many benefits GPS fleet tracking for awning installation companies provides, like those listed below.

Provides Highly Accurate Appointment Windows

There are few things awning customers dislike more than waiting around for your team to show up only to find out they aren’t coming that day or will be an hour or two behind their appointed hours. Most customers are excited about what their new awnings will do to the look or feel of their homes and windows and do not appreciate unexpected delays. GPS tracking can help you provide very accurate appointment windows, keeping your customers happy and your installation drivers on schedule.

Navigate Seamlessly through Traffic Delays

Businesses like yours remain vulnerable to traffic delays. There are some occasions when traffic slows to a crawl and Interstates become parking lots. Your GPS tracking system can help your drivers navigate around these traffic incidents, so you can keep to your schedule and make your awning installation appointments on time, every time.

More importantly, if there are some traffic jams you cannot navigate away from, your GPS tracking system can be used to automatically notify your next appointment, so they aren’t left waiting without knowing what’s going on.

Keep Drivers on Task and on Target

Drivers can sometimes take advantage of their time away from the office and out of sight. This is much more difficult when you utilize GPS tracking features to send text or email alerts whenever your drivers deviate from their prescribed routes, take too long on an awning installation, or exhibit erratic behavior behind the wheel.

Reduce Operating Costs

Running an awning installation company is not a cheap endeavor. Your operating expenses take a big bite out of your profits each year. GPS fleet tracking can be instrumental in reducing many of those expenses, allowing you to earn bigger profits. Some of the key expenses GPS tracking can curtail include:

  • Labor costs.
  • Fuel costs.
  • Insurance costs.
  • Repairs (related to poor maintenance).
  • Costs related to driving back and forth for tools, equipment, and supplies.

Now that you know the many benefits GPS tracking has in store for your awning installation business, the main thing you need to know is when you’re going to begin enjoying those benefits for your business.

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As businesses look to the future and plan for the remainder of 2018, one of the things many fleets are focusing on is reducing costs. Depending on the size of your fleet, the materials you handle, and the risks your drivers represent, that can be a huge expense for your business.

What you may not know is the GPS fleet tracking can help you cut your business insurance costs substantially. These are just a few of the ways it can help.

Upfront Discount for GPS Tracking

According to Automotive Digest, some insurance carriers offer up to a 15 percent discount, off the top for fleets the implement GPS fleet tracking. Insurance is a business of risks. GPS tracking shows them that you are acting in a manner that reduces those risks. They reward you by offering a substantial discount.

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Natural stone and rock are instrumental in making homes, landscaping projects, swimming pools, water features, and more stunning. Moving those stones, though, is a massive undertaking that comes at no small expense for wholesale rock and natural stone delivery fleets. GPS fleet tracking for landscape suppliers and wholesale delivery fleets offers many benefits, some of them might surprise you.

Constantly Updated Maps

Many rock and natural stone delivery fleets make deliveries to new neighborhoods that aren’t yet mapped with paper maps. The newest neighborhoods do not even yet appear on many GPS apps. When you sign up for GPS fleet tracking services, though, you get access to the latest maps that are continuously updated to include new neighborhoods in growing communities. This makes your job much easier and allows you access to turn by turn directions to the newest neighborhoods.

Track Driver Behaviors

Your drivers have a lot of weight on their vehicles. After all, stones and rocks are not at all light when delivering in bulk. This means you need to know that your drivers are taking no unnecessary risks and sticking to their prescribed routes. This is where GPS fleet tracking offers outstanding benefits to you. Set up alerts to notify you if drivers are doing any of the following:

  • Hard braking.
  • Driving aggressively.
  • Deviating from their assigned routes.

It is your business and your reputation your drivers represent. Behaviors like these can cause problems with both and should be addressed. GPS tracking helps to ensure you’re aware when these behaviors occur, so you can act appropriately to prevent accidents and potential liability issues for your business.

Reduce Costs

Transporting rocks and stones to job sites and suppliers is an expensive task. At least it can be. While using GPS fleet tracking does not eliminate all expenses related to shipping these heavy stones, it does leave no stone unturned when it comes to reducing your expenses. In fact, GPS fleet tracking for dump trucks and other fleet vehicles can help you save on the following:

  • Preventable repairs.

Any one of these savings alone can help your GPS fleet tracking system pay for itself. The full scope of your savings, though, makes it a cost-effective investment in your business.

The big question you need to ask yourself is this. Do your competitors have GPS fleet tracking yet? If not, imagine how you can increase your profits and get an edge over your competition by being the first to take the plunge.

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