GPS Tracking for Musical Instruments

3 Jan 2019

Quality musical instruments are investments in themselves. They’re more than that though. You’ve spent many hours perfecting your talent and familiarizing yourself with your instrument of choice. You know it well and it’s tuned for the way you play.

Whether you’re touring the world, traveling for school, or making the rounds locally with your instrument, you don’t want to risk it getting lost, misplaced or stolen. That is why GPS tracking for musical instruments is going to be a lifeline for you. One you won’t want to leave home without.

Benefits of GPS Asset Tracking for Your Instrument(s)

Whether you play one musical instrument or many, GPS asset tracking can help you in many ways. These are just some of the ways you benefit from investing in GPS tracking for your instrument.

  • Compelling proof of ownership if disputes arise.
  • Reduce risks of theft and offer the promise of prompt recovery if theft occurs.
  • Get discounts on your insurance.
  • Locate your instrument quickly if it’s been misplaced (put on the wrong plane, left at a concert venue, etc.).
  • Receive instant notifications if your instrument leaves a designated area during “sleep” times or moves beyond a specific geographic boundary.
  • Motion alarms let you know whenever your musical instrument is put into motion.
  • GPS tracking that travels where you’re likely to go. Because satellites in orbit around the earth track the signal of your instrument, worldwide tracking is possible.

You can even find GPS trackers that are very discrete, allowing them to track your instrument’s location until law enforcement shows up.

Unfortunately, we live in that world. The one where people will simply take your musical instrument to sell it for a buck or to have a souvenir of a concert where you performed. Modern trackers are smaller and more easily camouflaged than previous designs. They also come with a longer battery life allowing you to get more mileage from the investment.

While you’d like to think your investment is secure when you buy a musical instrument, GPS tracking for musical instruments allows you greater peace of mind. After all, you and your instrument have been through a lot together. You don’t want to risk an unwelcome separation. Especially ahead of a critical performance or audition. G

PS tracking provides you with the tools you need to monitor the location of your instrument at all times. You can even check on it with a mobile phone app when you’re on the go. Contact us at LiveViewGPS with any questions about using GPS tracking for musical instruments. 1-888-544-0494

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