Congratulations to Our 2018-2019 Scholarship Recipient

8 Jan 2019

Congratulations to Destiny Henschel, recpient of the LVGPS 2018-2019 Scholarship Award.

Destiny Henschel is currently a student, athlete, and employee and Concordia University Chicago. She is majoring in Business Communication, where I hope to work with individuals within and outside of my business to solve problems and exceed expectations; while minoring in Journalism, where she hopes to further communicate with individuals all over the world through her writing.

Destiny’s essay was chosen from a pool of many applicants.

New Ways Technology Can Change the World


“Attention humans, take shelter and stay safe because a dangerous outbreak is in action. Several counts of flesh eating characters have been found throughout the whole United States. Stay hidden, stay silent, and best of luck surviving.” Zombie apocalypses are a serious threat and are definitely not impossible to think about. Technology is an amazing addition to our work lives, relationship building, and general growth and knowledge as humans. However, technology can be very unsafe and scary, as well.

In this paper, I am going to talk about several ways technology can impact our lives, though they may be theoretical, they are still totally and completely possible. All we as humans must do is think outside the box to come up with different potential outcomes that are both positive and negative to think about — zombie apocalypse, healing cancer (or other disorders/ diseases), arm injections, and the list could continually go on.

Zombie Apocalypse

The first matter includes a zombie apocalypse. With all the technology used to work on health matters, an injection of some sort could potentially cause the brain to rewire and achieve a new lifestyle — eating all things with flesh. Though, yes, this idea is crazy and disgusting, it is also very possible, especially with all the television shows, books, comics, etc. with these ideas incorporated. Technology could become a serious threat due to the amount it has evolved in the past ten years and only continues to evolve.

Also, some outside source must be hiding the tools we use on a daily basis to track our patterns, interest, and location at all times, all without us consciously knowing about it. Thus, these sources may have already experienced something similar to a zombie apocalypse, which is why the idea is out there. This theory can be found to be creepy and actually life changing in the way that many individuals devote their lives to these types of theories. Thus, even this aspect of the new way of technology can change many individual’s lives.

However, if a zombie apocalypse were to happen, the World would change completely. On a daily basis, we feel safe, satisfied, and generally have something to do. However, after a breakout of this technology created illness occurs, we would constantly be fighting for our lives, as well as our loved one’s lives. In addition, we would never be “safe,” because we would always be on the run, experiencing the flesh eating creatures on a daily basis. Finally, rather than working, playing, or relaxing, we would always have the same task all day, every day — surviving and protecting the loved ones.

All in all, technology has the ability to create a sickness that changes cognitive ability and create a flesh eating monster out of a normal, loved individual. A scary thought, but a very valid one, as well. By continuing to evolve technology and continue working on health field related topics, the zombie apocalypse might just happen.

Healing Disorder, Disabilities, and Sicknesses

As mentioned before, technology is evolving and updating at a fast rate, which keeps changing our lifestyle, habits, and interests, not only in a negative way, but can also be found to be very useful. With that being said, some people experience difficulties and illness in their daily lives and with technology, these could potentially go away.

In the medical field especially, technology is currently being used to find cures for impossible disorders (example: cancer) and create treatments to heal the curable ones. However, some disorders, disabilities, and illnesses do not have a cure, yet, but will soon with the help of technology. By creating a new program or device that specifies with medical needs, some of these aspects have the ability to be improved and possibly even perfected.

An idea of a new form of technology that can be created includes a device the person lays inside of, where they are scanned. The device continues to tell the doctor what exactly is wrong with the individual and what exact combination of medicines are needed to heal. Thus, the individual, with the help of the new source of technology, has the ability to easily be detected of the disorder, disability, or illness and can be given a cure all in one day.

All in all, without any confusion, misdiagnoses, etc. an individual can easily be cured, simply with the help of future technology ideas. And life as we know it would be so different from what it is now — healthier, happier, and more successful. Thus, we should continue to work on and evolve technology and maybe someday soon we will find some type of cure for all of the negative problems with humans.

Arm Injections

In the far future, the idea of injecting technology into your arm can be scary for numerous reasons. However, it can also potentially improve life. This idea and theory includes injecting a tube into an arm of a human, functioning as a cell phone, body needs calculator, tracker, and possibly more.

This idea has the ability to make life much more efficient and time friendly. The cell phone aspect includes the tracker allowing you to make phone calls through your own wrist. This allows for the holder of the tracker to not need to carry excess things throughout the day and simply, just needs themself to communicate with others. The body needs calculator includes a unique aspect where the individual can see, on their arm, the amount of hunger, bathroom needs, communication needs, excitement needs, etc. in order to raise productiveness in the daily lives of all individuals. Finally, the tracker aspects includes reducing child abduction, sex trafficking, escaped inmates, or in simplest of terms, when a child is found to be somewhere without parental permission.

All in all, the arm tracking piece of technology could potentially improve human efficiency, safety, time management, and much more by simply putting a tube technology into all human arms. Though some of these aspects may seem to be unethical in today’s setting, someday they may become required in order to improve the human experience. Someday soon, this idea may actually come into play, as long as technology continues to evolve.


In conclusion, technology has a great ability to change our lives and the world through evolution and constantly adapting the the easiest and most efficient way for humans to live. Though some aspects of technology are thought of as scary, other aspects are exciting and potentially life saving. In modern days, the ideas of ‘having a zombie apocalypse, healing cancer (or other disorders/ diseases), and arm injections to boost human efficiency’ can be seen as currently impossible. But as mentioned previously, technology continues to adapt, so the new ways mentioned throughout the paper have a serious ability to impact and change the World.

All in all, technology could be an amazing addition to our work lives, relationship building, and general growth and knowledge as humans. However, if put into the wrong hands, technology could also impact the World in a negative way. In that case, everyone has to be careful with their daily lives because someday soon, technology might just develop a flesh-eating species and we will all have to take shelter from the lives we had once become comfortable with, but rapidly continues to change.

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